Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Story. I was curious what the lawyer was doing these days, and I saw one article where he was still at it.

  • While you were sleeping: America reaffirmed you cannot even go to Walmart during the holidays without fear of being gunned down. 

  • Star-Telegram reporters are becoming more and more vocal about low wages. They are now protesting during their lunch hour as they threaten to strike.

  • I honestly haven't been able to keep up with what's going on with the D.A. in charge of the El Paso Walmart shooting, but it seems to be an absolutely chaotic situation.

  • He's been promising to turn over his tax returns for years, but the Supreme Court is finally making him do it. He threw a tantrum in response. (They are going to drive that Hunter Biden bus and Big Lie bus right off the cliff into an abyss of oblivion. They'll never learn.)

  • Meanwhile, they've got other battles to fight, too.

  • Random fun (?) facts: Cowboy's Thanksgiving game halftime performers over the years:

  • Business news: It really is a weird economy. I saw both headlines this morning.

  • Very random price of silver discussion. When I was a senior in high school (1980), I remember the strange occurrence of more than one outfit coming to Bridgeport and setting up shop at a local motel for the sole reason of buying your silver. And townspeople flocked there -- most in possession of real silver half-dollars that were still fairly common back then. They were rewarded with a handful of cash for their efforts.  Why? There was a silver rush at that moment brought on the the Hunt Brother "trying to corner the market" in silver.  It turns out, those simple townsfolk were the brilliant ones. The price was never higher than for a few days in February of 1980. I think $49/oz (or $177/oz in today's dollars) was the peak price. It currently sells for around $20 an ounce. Look at the price of silver over the years and that crazy peak:

  • Kanye, fresh off his anti-Semitic controversy, is hanging out with Trump before the holidays.

  • Monday Night Football in Mexico City fallout. Oh, my. 

  • Random college football nugget:

  • Messenger - Above the Fold