Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Continuation from yesterday.

  • For some reason a constable was chasing a guy through heavy traffic at a 100 mph through Dallas yesterday. But the ending was interesting when a police dog actually found the guy after he bailed out of his car and was hiding in between some houses. He fled and then jumped up on a car to avoid the dog at the end. And the dog, who was the very good boy, immediately backed off on command of his handler. Video of final moments.

  • Update in the LGBTQ club shooting in Colorado Springs.
    • The Victims:

    • This is the guy who disarmed the shooter. He's a 15 year Army vet and quite the character.

    • This isn't a real New York Times front page, but it should have been.

  • Oh, my.

  • An SUV went through the front of an Apple store in Massachusetts.

  • We might have a railroad strike after all beginning on or about December 9th. The tentative deal reached in September has now been rejected by four of the twelve unions voting on it, and one of the four has a quarter of the total workers. More importantly, all the unions would join in on a strike. That solidarity thing has a lot of power. 

  • I'm sorry, how much

  • I mentioned that former Gov. Perry has been enlisted to persuade the legislature to approve mobile sports gambling. There are 31 states which have legalized it.  I "bet" there are a ton of guys losing a ton of money across the country.

  • This morning 59 years ago.

  • The Supreme Court yesterday agreed yesterday to hear a case as to whether the dog toy on the right violates the trademark held by the company on the left or whether it is "parody" protected by the First Amendment. 

  • A TCU fan's overlaying the theme song to Titanic to the final 22 seconds of the Baylor/TCU game is a funny bit. Link. As is this video of the game winning kick taken from the end zone berm by a group of TCU kids.

  • I know absolutely nothing about soccer, but a penalty kick seems to be an over-the-top draconian type of sanction. In football, it would be like spotting the ball at the six inch line and making the defense play with nine guys. 
  • Nothing new on the Idaho quadruple murder case. So weird.