Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Narrator's voice: The doors were not, in fact, kept open. 

  • Look at that rainfall on Friday, and look at which county got completely left out:

  • Final early voting numbers in Wise County came in at 16,643 which is 33% of all registered voters. 
  • This does not give us confidence regarding to the protection of our schools. The officer was shot in the face.

  • Elon Musk had quite the week on Twitter:
    • How it started:

    • Then Mr. Free Speech got mad when a bunch of accounts started making fun of him. How the week ended:

    • A multi-billion man is obsessed with trying to get $8 a month from people who will never, ever pay it, and now sits around all day with hurt feelings as he stares at his phone. 

    • He then complained about, and offended, advertisers. 

    • And he is delusional. This coming from a man who tweeted out a false story to millions of followers about Paul Pelosi and then had to retract it. 

  • Facebook isn't having the best week, either. 

  • This seems unfair.  A person running for constable will have a title in his name on the ballot. He will be listed as “Deputy Bryan D. Woodard.”

  • Oh, my.

  • Let's check in on far right politics:
    •  Kenneth Copeland and Donald Trump on stage together with the approval of his Insurrection Lawyer. 

    • Our always-embarrassing-us representative. (We are so doomed.)

    • Tinderholt has recently filed legislation, and still advocates for, the death penalty if a woman obtains an abortion. And he has been married five times. Now he wants to be Texas Speaker.

  •  I love this photo of Stemmons Freeway going into Dallas circa 1960. The Republic Bank Building (slightly left) and the Mercantile Building (center, with the clock) are still there today but are now buried in a sea of skyscrapers.

  • It's the first week of Texas high school football playoffs, which means it's time to figure out who has the worst record. I counted ten teams that are in which have 2-8 records. Ten! And one team came in with just one win:

  • TCU is far and away the best team in the Big 12, but I don't think they can get past Texas, Baylor, Iowa State and  win the Big 12 Championship game. And they'll have to go 4-0 through that stretch to get into the playoffs. It's the only way the committee will let them in, and that's an almost impossible task.