Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Although Democrats then took a "shellacking" in the mid-terms.

  • But there was no shellacking last night. I'm pretty sure the Republicans will win control of the House as expected, but it will be just barely. And this was with all the gerrymandering to help them. There's still 63 races to count. And there definitely was no Red Wave. 

    • To be clear, these are the projections from NBC News from just seconds ago: 

  • The Senate is leaning to staying with Democrats. Stay with me here. Yesterday I said it came down to Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona. Democrats needed to win 2 of 3 to keep the Senate. So here we go:
    • Fetterman beat Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. That's one. 

    • Arizona has a long way to go, but looks safe for Democrats. That would be two of three. 

    • Georgia almost certainly goes to a run off. But with Arizona and Pennsylvania wins above, it won't matter

    • But wait! Nevada somewhat unexpectedly is becoming a problem for Democrats. If Masto loses this one,  the Georgia run-off will be back in play for all the marbles:
    • UNLESS: Republicans unexpectedly lose Wisconsin then Georgia doesn't matter again and Democrats maintain control.  I think this is unlikely. 
  • Texas is still Texas. In fact, I think the trend of moving towards Blue has hit a wall if not regressing.

    • I'm not sure when we next see a Democrat win a state wide race in Texas. Twenty years ago, I would have thought it would happen by now. Now I'm not sure it will happen in the next twenty years. 

  • Wise County is still very much Wise County. (Complete final results here.) 

  • The most shocking result of the night comes from Uvalde County.  The man told you that it "could have been worse" than the 19 dead children you had to bury in small coffins. This is jaw-dropping:

  • Arizona's version of Trump-cloned-as-a-polished woman is having trouble at the moment:

  • Trump and his Insurrectionists are also having nightmares for other reasons:
    • Nightmare #1:

    • Nightmare #2:

    • And for icing on the cake. 

  • Oh, please let this happen.  

    • You might remember Boebert from posing in a silly picture with our own Rep. Ronny Jackson (who overwhelming won again last night meaning most voters don't know of his history or don't care -- probably the latter.)

  • Even Tarrant County is far from going Blue and has hit a wall. Across the board, this Republican margin of victory up and down the county's ballot is almost uniform to the results of the county judge's race. And it's all straight ticket voting (even though you can no longer just vote straight ticket with one vote.) 

  • Changing subjects to end this. A new Texas Monthly reading

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