Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That's a great picture. Braves fans were upset because the "infield fly rule" was called on a ball hit to the *outfield* in an elimination game in the playoffs. And here's a fantastic video of the play taken from the stands. (It's cued up on YouTube.) Still not sure I understand that one. 

  • For a man who is accused of recklessly impregnating women left and right, the nonsensical little anecdote he told yesterday is mind-blowing. Video. He might be the dumbest man in America.

  • The Supreme Court refused to hear this case yesterday. Three justice dissented. It feels like we are going back in time.  

  • Seems a little harsh for a death which wasn't intentionally caused. 

  • School superintendent calls out his own town.

  • Having a slight "cash on hand" advantage doesn't seem to mean much less than 30 days before the election when you've just been outspent by $20 million -- all of which seems to have gone to radio and TV ads for Abbott.

  • There hasn't been much news about the Oath Keepers Insurrection Trial, but I did notice that these are the two Dallas lawyers who are defending Stewart Rhodes in D.C.   "Linder is a Baylor law school graduate ['91], endurance cyclist, part-time municipal judge and former Dallas County prosecutor with 30 years of criminal defense experience. Bright an SMU graduate ['03], has served as president of the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and practiced law for more than 25 years."

    • "Mother Jones has reported that a nonprofit formed by Dallas lawyer Sidney Powell helped pay for Rhodes’ legal defense."
  • Let's hear a little more about that second allegation.

  • I came across this picture of a no-longer-in-existence Jack County courthouse which was built in 1886. I presume it burned down. The current "modern" one was built in 1940, and was a product of the WPA created during the depression.  Fun fact about Jack County: 37 slaves lived in the county before the Civil War but the county voted against secession, 76-14

  • I think win probability charts are fraudulent.  They always enter a ranger greater than 95% when there is no way it's that high.  It's high, but it ain't that high. 

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