Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Vice-presidential debate 10 years ago. 

  • Breaking: New inflation numbers are in this morning. It was expected to be 8.1% (which wouldn't have been good) but they came in at 8.2%. Good grief.

  • On the bright side for a certain demographic, this was announced moments ago  . . . 

  • The Dallas PD officer who was killed yesterday morning by a wrong way driver is an awful story. But it's interesting how I keep hearing that the other driver was "drunk." Hey, he may have been, and that wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if that turns out to be the case. But there has been no arrest. And there were no field sobriety tests done on him because he's in critical condition in the hospital, so we'll have to wait for the blood test. But watch how the story has quickly evolved: 
    • The origin of all of those claims is simply a memo from the Chief of Police to other officers who said the other driver "might" have been drunk. The police department later used the word "may" have been intoxicated in press release. From the Dallas Morning News.

    • But the local WFAA morphed it into a "suspected" drunk driver. 

    • Fox 4 flat out claimed that DPD "said the man was intoxicated." That's not true.

    • The CBS affiliate takes it one step further and says the it's "expected" that intoxication manslaughter charges will be filed. I'm not sure where they got that. 

    • Another example

    • And then social media randos just flat out make things up. This guy, whose account has all the hallmarks of a Russian troll, adds facts and then links to a story which says no such thing about an "undocumented immigrant."

  • Alex Jones is a miserable human being who preys on the most gullible and simpletons of our society. And I hope he dies penniless. But a lot of what he said is constitutionally protected speech, and I don't see all of this verdict holding up.

  • Will this county in the corner of Texas give this lady the death penalty after convicting her of a truly horrible crime?

  • New DFW metroplex teacher salary chart. I think they are all pretty close. 

  • A new long read from The Atlantic that looks interesting.

  • Random Russian politician Valentina Petrenko. 

  • Jerry Jones turns 80 today.
    Jerry was 45 in this pic.

  • The January 6th Committee holds its final hearing at noon today.