Random Monday Morning Thoughts

10/9/2012 - An 18 wheeler veered off of 287 in Decatur, down an embankment, across a service road, and ended up almost taking out Panda Express.

  • Ukraine blew up the only bridge linking Russia to Crimea on Saturday, and Russia rained bombs down on Ukraine's capital city last night.

  • A play in Four Acts starring Kanye West:
    • Act I: Hang out with right winger Candace Owens at a Paris fashion show, and wear a T-shirt to get everyone worked up.

    • Act II: Be welcomed with open arms by Fox News and Tucker Carlson because you wore the shirt supporting white people.

    • Act III: Get all fired up after going on Fox News and go all Nazi on the Jews. 

    • Act IV:

  • This is like a violent movie. Four dead from shooting inside of a vehicle.  

  • "Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were reunited today in New York City at Comic Con" over the weekend. This video is equally hard to watch and glorious. 

  • What a mess in the El Paso mass shooting case. Her office allegedly impersonated victims via email in order to get around a gag order in order to communicate to the press, and she's overall in turmoil

  • On Friday afternoon, the New York Times confirmed, and added to, the developing Herschel Walker lie(s).  He now admits he at least "knows" the woman. 

  • Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake personally vacuumed the carpet before Trump's arrival in Arizona on Saturday night. Totally not a cult. 

  • OK.

  • The video is here. And the comments below it are something. 

  • College football thoughts: (1) Ok, go ahead and start Quinn Ewers, but can I please watch him in one game where he has to run for his life? He has had all day so far, (2) I ended up watching the Aggie/Alabama game until the end and can't believe the Aggies had a chance to win it only to call the worst play in the history of ever, (3) Watch Deion Sanders almost get into a fight with another coach after a game, and (4) Dicker the Kicker got to kick in his first NFL game and won the thing, (5) never bet on sports (-9???!!!):

  • About the only thing I've heard about the baseball playoffs which I'm told are ongoing:

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Who is this long haired judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals? That first shot is from oral arguments last week. Compare it to the official photo on the court's web site: 

  • Word to the wise: Tap the brakes on the Cowboys.