Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The controversial Billy Gillispie resigned as Tech's basketball coach after just one season. He's coaching at Tarleton now. 

  • You've probably seen the incredible video of the 18 wheeler going off of Central Expressway in Allen yesterday but, if not, here ya go.

    • The video was recorded with a private dashcam. I've got one of those. It wasn't that expensive and the great thing is that it is automatically recording all the time, and I never have to mess with it. I literally forget that I have one. 
  • The current hurricanes are a little tricky to keep up with. Fiona, which dumped a ton of rain on Puerto Rico, is headed to Canada. Gaston is way out there. But there's a new one forming which will head to the Gulf. 

  • There was a false alarm of a shooting at a San Antonio high school yesterday, and the parents freaked out. Take a look at these photos.  The blood in one photo is because one parent tried to break a window and ended up cutting his arm. (Here's the video of that part of it -- that's a wild scene.)The other photo is just a good photo because of the nose ring and the facial expression.

  • Prosecutors often brag about being "the guys who wear the white hats." This guy wasn't just an assistant D.A., he was the elected D.A.

  • Trump has made multiple claims that he magically "declassified" the documents he improperly had at Mar-a-Lago. But his lawyers won't make that claim in court. The Special Master now assigned to the case wasn't putting up with it yesterday. 

  • If there weren't already enough suckers, Peloton wants you to shell out $3,195 for its new rower.

  • No, fentanyl will not be put in your kid's Halloween basket. Neither will edibles. Neither will apples with razor blades. 

  • In a game between Roby and Wichita Christian, the Roby team walked off the field with 8 minutes left last Friday despite leading the game. The reason was because one of their players got body slammed.  You might be able to see the video here. Honestly, that's probably a penalty but not wasn't bad. 

  • Slate has an article this morning which began with the paragraph below.  It's interesting around here because Tarrant County Sheriff Sheriff Bill Waybourn was one of the eight who attended. The actual agenda, which Slate obtained by Open Records request, is available at the bottom of the article.  

    • Here's an excerpt of the agenda and the strange "law enforcement" topics. I also note that the conference seems like an absolute thrashing because not only did they have to watch a movie immediately after a 30 minutes dinner, they whip them with a one hour lecture right after the movie beginning at 8:30 p.m. 

  • Weather report: I predict we go back to normal fall temperatures on Monday.
  • NFL quick hit: Free agent WR Cole Beasley will sign with Tampa Bay. I didn't understand why the Cowboys didn't think about bringing him back since they are wide receiver deprived. 
  • The Fed will raise interest rates today. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold