Random Friday Morning Thoughts

That was actually from August of 2012, but I passed over it last month. However, while I was in the prosecutor's office his name came up, and I was then informed -- corrected, actually -- that Travis is still with us. I didn't expect that because his wheels were really off 10 years ago. Good for him. 

  • Not that he cares about public pressure, but Ukraine might be feeling a bit like Vietnam for Putin.  But I bet, in the end, he still ends up with eastern Ukraine -- which is what he really wanted all along. 

  • A plane from Newark, NJ had sparks and debris fall from it and into a parking lot all of which was captured on video yesterday. But how would you like the pilot to tell you that you'll have to fly in circles around the Atlantic Ocean for two hours to burn off fuel before you landed "just in case" that landing didn't go well. 

  • Cops arresting cops -- for made up crimes, no less:

    • And someone tracked down this old photo of him standing next to a sign warning about potential prostitution arrests. 

  • The reason you haven't heard much about this case is because the bodycam of the confrontation in a convenience store parking lot was never released.  And it still hasn't been released. 

  • Alex Jones is about to get hit (again) for big money damages for lying about Sandy Hook, but I don't know what I think about the judge or Plaintiff's lawyer.  The lawyer is playing it up for the cameras a little too much. And yesterday, while he was "grilling" Jones on whether he called the judge sitting beside him a "tyrant",  the judge, instead being poker faced like she should be, glared at Jones while the question was asked. Video

  • You will see a story of a police officer getting arrested for DWI from time to time, but . . . . 

  • The Supreme Court isn't in session, but they still rule on emergency applications for a stays of execution.  It appears that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is very often voting with the Dirty Libs on death penalty cases. Not that it has any impact, however. 

    • But the guy wasn't executed three hours later because the State couldn't couldn't find a vein when they wanted to kill him. So they unstrapped him and took him back to his cell. The whole thing is so barbaric. 

  • Another high school football death. 

  • On a much lighter note, there was one of the all time greatest catches on Thursday Night Football last night. Quick video.

  • Legal nerdy stuff: In a COVID fallout case, the Fort Worth court of appeals yesterday reversed a misdemeanor assault conviction because the alleged victim, over the defendant's objections, wore a mask while testifying.  And here are the participants: 

    • More legal nerdy stuff: You can't get the case reversed unless the judge, on the record, denies your objection at trial. Look at how great attorney Mark Daniel is here in making sure the judge does exactly that. And I'll bet money that judge was smiling there at the end because he knew exactly what was going on. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 80 days.
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