Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Sean Lee got de-cleated (and the GIF that went along with it was great.)

  •  This got buried on Friday, but the Fifth Circuit handed down may be the most shocking court opinion of my lifetime: In what should have been a 100% slam dunk no-brainer, the Court went the other way and upheld the Texas legislature's recent law which allows you to sue private social media companies for censoring what you write on the Internet on their private platforms. I cannot begin to tell you how wrong this is.

    •  The first two pages of the decision tell you it's going to be nuts.

    • Shorthand summary of opinion:

  • (1) I think he'd get crushed if he made this run. (2) Does this mean we get to get rid of him as Wise County's Congressional house rep rep? (3) How in the world is he even in politics after the drug, alcohol and sex scandal?

  • Trump had a rally on Saturday night and it got weird (even by Trump rally standards.) As he was reading mindlessly from the teleprompter, there was mood music playing in the background. And while that was going on,  the crowd silently and hypnotically held up one finger. It was like the invitation at the end of a service at a Southern Baptist church where the Charismatics snuck in. Video. It was really, really strange.

    • This explains the song. And holding up one finger would be symbolic of the Q motto of  “Where we go one, we go all.” (New York Times story.) 

    • And then yesterday, MAGA follower and GOP nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, urged his crowd to raise up one hand "as one!" (He yelled the words "as one!")  Video. What's going on?

  • Speaking of, everyone should watch Ken Burns' three part series which began last night called The U.S. and The Holocaust on PBS. Part one focused on our attitudes on immigration in the early 1900s as well as Hitler's rise to power. The similarities between then and now, without now being mentioned at all, jumped off the screen. 
    Scroll back up and take a look again at the three pictures above this one.
  • A Baylor sophomore is seemingly in big trouble after being arrested for Intoxication Manslaughter near campus. It looks like he played football at one of the Frisco high schools. Baylor

  • I've seen signs for Blue Mound Road going into Fort Worth, but I didn't know exactly where the town of Blue Mound was. It's a little thing to the east of Saginaw. Related story,

  • Saw this post on Twitter on Friday, and I still don't know what was going on. That's a lot of cops behind two SWAT vehicles.

  • I absolutely despise Dennis Prager. He seems like a perpetually unhappy and miserable human being. Video. This isn't taken out of context. He even took calls to defend his belief that every life apparently is not precious. 

  • Trump fat shamed Chris Christie on Friday night.

  • A Decatur BBQ food truck got some love in Texas Monthly.

  • We had a call in the OU game on Saturday which clarified something which has confused me a little bit over the years.  Stay with me here. 
    • Below was not a touchdown even though his lower torso crosses over the corner of the end zone and inside the pylon. Almost always, we see a touchdown scored by a runner when the ball breaks the plane of the goal. The problem here was that the ball traveled outside of the pylon never went "over" the air space of the end zone. 
    • But he still could have scored if the runner had simply got that foot down cleanly in the end zone. In this situation, the runner is basically like a receiver in the end zone catching a ball where he is required to have one foot (college rule) down in that end zone before it can be a touchdown. Here this OU player never cleanly touched inside the end zone with his foot. He just stepped over the corner and came down with his toe out of bounds. 
    • Now if he had put his foot down inside the end zone, does it matter where the ball is? Yes. It must still break the plane of the goal line but in these situations the "plane of the end zone extends around the world." So the ball doesn't have to go over or inside the pylon when a player has a body part down in the end zone -- instead it is allowed to break the plane while it travels over that wide white area below.

  • This cover story in the Star-Telegram got my attention. Was the right man convicted of murdering a woman in 2011 in Arlington via stabbing her multiple times and then setting her apartment on fire? It was a circumstantial case.  The unsolved murder case of Lauren Whitener is remarkably similar in that it, too, involved her being stabbed multiple times and then her duplex set on fire in Lake Bridgeport. For what it is worth, she also lived in Arlington before moving to Lake Bridgeport.  (Legal nerd stuff: The Star-Telegram case was affirmed by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals, but the beginning of Justice Dauphinot's dissent is a thing of beauty.)