Random Monday Morning Thoughts

That's not true any longer. It's now a federal holiday, and I saw lots of references to it. 

  • According to the Sheriff's Office press release, McKinley Mantrell Bradford, 39, of  Lawton, Oklahoma is a "likely suspect" (say what?) in the murder of man just north of Chico and was arrested in Wichita Falls over the weekend. That's really all I know for now. Total stranger? Acquaintance? Motive?

  • Joe Biden took a spill off a bicycle on Saturday. Video. Those toe clips will get you.

  • The burning of the Balsora Baptist church made metroplex news. 

  • The Texas Republican Convention was last weekend. 

    • Patriot Mobile, which funded the election of some anti-CRT metroplex school board members, had a booth.  Seems normal. 

    • The Proud Boys felt comfortable in attending and angrily confronted Rep. Dan Crenshaw  as he we walked into the convention.  Video. They screamed "Eyepatch McCain" at him (a term which was coined by Fox News' Tucker Carlson.)

    • John Cornyn was also booed by the right ring crowd for his very modest mental health and school security funding provisions in a new proposal which hasn't even been voted on. Video

      • Recall what the proposals were. They were upset about this?:

      • By the way, we are so divided on real gun control. Right?
  • More revelations have come out about the disastrous response to the Uvalde shooter:
    • Video shows that law enforcement never attempted to open the classroom's door for the hour after the response, there's a possibility door was never locked and, regardless, police had a Halligan device to open the door which they never used. 

    • According to the New York Times, a Uvalde police officer had a shot at the shooter before he entered the school but didn't take it because kids were in the background. (But that sounds odd since there have been no reports of kids being outside in the beginning. The report comes from a deputy with the sheriff's office.)

    • The City of Uvalde and police department are fighting with taxpayer dollars to keep you from learning what happened.  So far, they are contesting 148 Open Records requests.

  • I don't know much about this story out of Wichita Falls but . . . 

    • . . . the judge might want to consider not being quite so curt next time. "As I told you." 

  • Beating.

  • Random Photo from @Fox4Terry last night. There was apparently another shooting in Deep Ellum. 

  • Personal observation: There are very, very few boats on Lake Bridgeport over the last two weekends despite perfect boating weather. I bet gas prices has something to do with that. One of the handful of boats I saw had a 44 gallon tank. (It was so nice looking that I decided to Google it to find out its cost -- around $90,000 by the way -- and just happen to see the gas tank spec.) 
  • Legal nerd stuff: Hey, trial practitioners, have you ever heard of two pages of an appellate opinion being accidentally attached to a jury charge and submitted to the jury? It actually happened. See it at Appendix A (last two pages of the court's opinion reversing the case because of the error.)