Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Do you think Miley Cyrus Guy has any regrets a decade later?

  •  I told you yesterday that you would learn about Jeffrey Clark from the January 6th hearing. I just didn't know he would also be a headline because federal agents raided his home. Maybe, just maybe, we about to learn that the Justice Department won't let someone try to overthrow the United States.
  • January 6 Committee Highlights and We Have A Huge Development. Stay with me here: 
    • Preface. Much of the testimony yesterday was based on high ranking attorneys/prosecutors in Trump's own Administration. Steven Engel, Jeffrey Rosen, and Richard Donoghue. They are true American heroes. Honest and decent men.

    • First, I'll start with Trump and the smoking gun. The statement below should be enough to get him indicted: He told the Justice Department that he really wasn't interested in them investigating anything, he just wanted them to say that the election was corrupt. (Notes were taken by deputy attorney general Donoghue and were revealed yesterday.) Trump didn't care about the facts, he just wanted the support of the Justice Department for his coup as cover. "Leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressman," Trump said. Good gawd.

    • But let me set up and break down the Big Reveal from yesterday. Everyone is still trying to wrap their heads around this.  
      • We knew that Trump wanted to appoint Jeffrey Clark, a totally unqualified man inside the Justice Department, to actually become he head of the Department. Why? Because Clark would say that the election was corrupt. And how do we know that? Because Clark, without approval, had prepared and circulated a draft letter, purportedly on behalf of the Justice Department, addressed to the State of Georgia saying something that wasn't true: That the Justice Department thought the election was corrupt and that Georgia need to select an alternative set of Electors. Sound familiar?  (Clark's bosses hit the roof when they saw that letter.) 
        ABC News first obtained the 7 page draft letter

      • But what we didn't know until yesterday was how Clark, and unassuming environmental lawyer by trade, came to be the author that crazy letter. That really never made sense. Hold that thought.
      • Anyway, once Trump "learned" of the letter he began talking to Clark behind the AG's back. He went so far as to exchange multiple calls a day with him as he considered appointing Clark as head of the Justice Department. Why would he do that? Trump knew that with Clark in charge of Justice that the letter would actually be sent to Georgia and then all hell would break lose. 
      • Amazingly, the official White House call logs even began referencing Clark as the "Acting Attorney General" on January 3rd. Incredible. 

      • Then, when Clark's bosses at Justice learned that Clark was going to meet with Trump in person on the evening of January 3rd, they rushed to the Oval Office to intervene. With Clark in the room, they told Trump that there would be resignations en masse if Clark was appointed as Acting Attorney General. "Jeff Clark will be left leading a graveyard," they told him. More importantly, they convinced Trump that no one would listen to Clark's crazy letter - not the FBI, not anyone -- if he were appointed. 
      • And White House lawyer Pat Cipollone also told Trump at that meeting that the letter was not the magic bullet he thought it was. "That letter is a murder-suicide pact,"  he said. "It's going to damage everyone who touches it." 

      • But here is the big news. How did Clark come to write that draft letter that he wanted to go out on Justice Department letterhead? It doesn't make sense that a little dopey environmental lawyer would become the mastermind of that document. Well just listen to what Liz Chaney announced at the hearing yesterday, and enter a man named Ken Klukowski

      • So wait a second. Some guy named Klukowski gets a last second job at the Justice Department and makes his way to Clark and they draft the letter together?  Does it sound like Klukowski might be a plant in some larger scheme? Well hold that thought as well because there is more from Chaney: 

      • Holy cow. John Eastman! The architect of the fake electors scheme! How jaw dropping is that?  This certainly looks like Eastman's boy Klukowski was somehow planted inside the Justice Department and then Klukowski used Jeffrey Clark to make it appear that the letter, which has Eastman's fingerprint's all over it, just appeared organically out of the the Justice Department. Wow. 
      • But, wait, there's more.   The Committee got ahold of an email that makes this story crazier: 

      • So Klukowski is simultaneously a mysterious new hire at the Justice Department, "helping" Clark draft the letter, all the while working with Eastman in their attempt to pressure Pence to not count the electors.  Folks, we've got us a full blown criminal conspiracy here. 
        No one paid attention to this deposition at the time.

      • Who is Klukowski? He's a former Breitbart employee and the author of a book which has an extremely ironic title at the moment. 

      • It's all coming together. Eastman and Giuliani and Trump. The plant of Klukowski in the Justice Department. And the recruitment of Jeffrey Clark as a stooge for cover. Now you know why federal agents raided Clark's home a couple of days ago. Eastman is a big, big player in all this and is in big, big trouble. And this is getting extremely close to Trump.
        Eastman revving up the crowd on January 6th.

      • Side note: And you want to know how bright Clark is?  The dumb s.o.b. showed up on Tucker Carlson last night!  The man who took the Fifth over 100 times in front of the Committee showed up on national TV!
        "Former Trump employee?"

    • Finally, on a different note, one of the craziest revelations yesterday was that, at Trump's urging, officials in Trump's Defense Department — Kash Patel and acting Secretary Christopher Miller — were pushed to investigate insane claims of U.S. voting machine  manipulation by Italian satellites. It was a conspiracy theory from a 20 minute YouTube video.
      • And when the Justice Department was also asked to look at the Italian satellite theory, they told Trump the story was nuts. Trump's reply: "You guys may not be following the Internet the way I do."
  • Changing gears.
  • The Supreme Court made it next to impossible for the state's to regulate firearms. Here is the new rule. .  

    • The rule is nonsensical gibberish.  Historical tradition? For modern weapons? Huh? Even the phrase "delimits the outer bounds" makes no sense. Constitutional law is, and has always been, making stuff up 98% of the time.
    • But Uvalde made its way into the dissenting opinion.  

  • The Wise County grand jury met yesterday. I'm counting 65 indictments
  • Dickey's BBQ is coming to Decatur in the strip shopping center right off FM 51.
  • Scooter's coffee in Bridgeport is doing big business for its first week. 
    (Not actual building but might as well be.)
  • Texas is definitely back, right? No question? Definitely? (Side note: Tim Brando said that Texas stays in Big 12 for two more years and would not leave early for the SEC.)

  • In the murder case out of Chico, I obtained the probable cause affidavit which gave rise to the arrest warrant.  It's here. The blood evidence, if it is blood, will be important. 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,087 days.
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