Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten that David Dewhurst, when he was trying to capture Texas' open Senate seat, painted Ted Cruz as a Chinese sympathizer.  He was doing a Trump on "CHI-na" way before Trump.

  • Wise County Court at Law #2 Judge Stephen Wren is stepping down on September 1st. Good guy.  His court has historically handled divorces and civil suits.   
    • The Commissioner's Court will be responsible for filling out the remainder of the term which ends 12/31/24.
    • That position is not on the November ballot this year, but choosing that September 1st date is interesting and important. It's 69 days before the November 8th election. I think that if the resignation were to have been a date "74 days or more" before the general election, the position would suddenly have to be placed on this November's ballot for a new term that would then begin on 1/1/23. (I'm not 100% sure about this, but this was my quick source at page 9, question 9.)  
  • Jerry Jones was briefly hospitalized last night after a traffic accident at Harry Hines and Wolf.

  • This is kind of like the beginning plot from Jaws: How do we know that's the right coyote?

  • A student was stabbed to death in a bathroom in Belton High School south of Waco. 

  • The hot off the presses newest UT Poll shows that most Texans oppose a total ban on abortion if Roe overturned. Edit: Thanks typo Nazi. 

  • The same poll has Greg Abbott with a sizeable lead over Beto.

  • I noticed she was she was arrested for "Abuse of Corpse" which got me thinking about whether the cremated ashes of a person is a "corpse" within the meaning of the statute.  Lawyer tip: Always go look at the definitions. 

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Georgia) is a pig.  And what exactly is an "over-educated" woman? 

  • Good grief.

  • Flashback:

  • I've never really thought about this, but I guess a pastor does have a copyright claim to his sermon. Story.

  • If you have a graduation ceremony at the new Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, be prepared to pay $20 for parking. 
  • I haven't paid much attention to the Johnny Depp defamation suit, but some folks have been amused at Depp's facial expressions and comments during the trial. If I'm on the jury, I'm not. I'm pissed. This may be a fun time for him (which is odd for a guy who is supposed to have been "damaged" by his wife's statements), but I'm missing work, now for the 15th day, while he is forcing me to be a captive audience to listen to his failed marriage drama.  I'm writing a $0 in the first blank on the jury verdict form I can find. 

  • This was one of the weirdest baseball videos I've seen in a while. 

  • I always want the last bullet point to be just text with no graphics right before the random newspaper of the day. But sometimes I got nothing by the time I get here.