Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Before there was Fuzzy's on the square in Decatur, we had South Beach. This is the anniversary when things did not go well for it. 

  • Post publish edit: The Little Ball of Insurrection™ is going to be live in studio on The Ticket at 1:45 today for half an hour.  
  • We had hail!
    • WFAA: Hail tracking across Wise County last night: 

    • I think this video refers to Heritage Creek North subdivision which is actually about six miles or so southeast of Decatur. 

    • Channel 11 with a couple of photos. This one would be from the same general area:

    • Balsora:

  • Now for the cold. Delkus says we are smack dad in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning.  

    • Official Prediction: Wednesday morning is a coin flip. Thursday is a problem. At this point, I think Thursday morning will leave us with icy roads. Wednesday morning? Sheesh. That's a tough one, pal. At 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, chances of precipitation are around 30% to 45% with temperatures in the upper 20s but we won't crack freezing all day.  Thursday morning we are looking at 80% chance with temps in the low 20s. Plan accordingly.
  • Not exactly. Mexico got screwed over when the Texas territory was taken away from them by force. The Soviet Union voluntarily cut Ukraine loose in 1991.  

  • If people need this explained to them, we've got big trouble. 

  • "Led the fight." 

  • We've now reached the stage of politics where (1) the truth doesn't matter, and (2) common decency doesn't matter. There has to be a fancy word for that, right?
  • It's 2-22-22. 
  • Not nerdy legal stuff:

  • If The Graduate were rewritten today, I would replace "plastics" with "warehouses." (Does anyone understand that reference?)

  • Speaking of dated movies, the Ticket had been running some kind of promo where the voice-over guy said, "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"  One show mentioned that the station had received a ton of messages complaining that the statement was factually inaccurate. But can you really blame them? Animal House is now 44 years old. 

  • I don't know if it is any good, but the Messenger has released an app for Apple and Android devices.