Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • After being convicted a couple of months ago, the officer who, by all accounts, accidentally shot and killed a black motorist was sentenced to 24 months in prison on Friday. 

    • Some are yelling that the sentence is too light, but I have always been opposed to our society's new willingness to readily, and harshly, impose criminal sanctions for unintentional acts.
    • I don't understand the criticism of the judge for becoming emotional during sentencing. Man, the criminal justice system is a gut wrenching business. I don't care which side you are on, or even if you are neutral, if you are involved in that world and haven't had the core of your soul rocked on occasion, you aren't invested in what you are doing. 
  • I've got my Liberally Lean Weather Team working overtime on the forecast.  You know, this one is tricky. There's a chance of two seperate brief waves of icing for Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.

  • Oh, my. This happened on Saturday. 

  • Russia may very well invade Ukraine, but I'm beginning to think that Putin really likes the attention. (There's a lot of Trump in him.) I mean, for weeks now every newscast leads with a story about him and what he, alone, has decided to do -- all the while showing video footage which he has authorized. Press like that would cost a fortune.

  • For 99.99 percent of federal employees, the discovery of classified materials in their home after leaving government employment would lead to a criminal investigation and prosecution.

  • Someone needs to get control of the local Wise County Republican Party. They have precinct chairs using their titles to campaign against long-term Republican incumbents in the county. That violates every unwritten rule there is. 
  • Seemed to be a little problem on a Dallas freeway on Friday afternoon. 

  • No way!

  • Ted Cruz continues to devolve into a child. 

  • Speaking of. The official national Republican Party Twitter account:

  • I'm not sure I've seen the Twitter mob turn on a girl quite like this in a while. The gal, who is part of the Young Conservative Texans at UNT, posted a video of a guy who she says had a "meltdown" and "stormed out" and "screamed" at her for printing flyers with an anti-transgender theme. Link.

  • Here's a good one minute video of the full free-for-all at the end of the Michigan-Wisconsin game yesterday. 

  • Here's a good sports long read for a Monday quasi-holiday which came out late Friday . And for you Ticket fans, it has a couple of hot quotes from the Old Grey Wolf.

  • The Winter Olympics are over, and America ended up with 8 gold medals. Or so I've been told.