Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

This was a  big story which just quietly went away. A young lady from Frisco claimed she was abducted after a basketball game by a "stranger [who] put a gun in her face, forced her into a car, and drove her to Muskogee, Oklahoma." She described him as "a  black male in his 20s who is about 5-8 to 5-9." She was found 24 hours later after she called 911 (listen to it) from a Braum’s in Muskogee where she told cops she got away from her abductor -- but couldn't tell them the road she was on when she escaped. Cops quietly closed the case oddly calling it, oddly, an "isolated incident", and the girl's father stopped talking to the press calling it a "private issue." 

  • I don't know if Russia invading Ukraine last night is the equivalent of Germany rolling into Poland, but it ain't good. 

    • It was pretty wild a couple of hours ago when CNN cameras captured rocket launches into Ukraine in real time. Video

    • Second to the invasion, the other troubling thing is that Putin seems to acting irrationally and talking a little like a madman. He appeared to threaten nuclear retaliation if anyone interferers with Russia's movements.

    • And what's up with Putin calling Ukraine's President a "Nazi"?  President Zelenskyy is  democratically elected and just happens to be Jewish. 

    • I'll say it again, the U.S. would never, ever involve our own troops in this conflict. Not a chance. Heck, no country in NATO  is going to send troops. In the end, Ukraine would probably be better off acting like Austria instead of Poland and just give up in order to avoid loss of life and destruction. It's already over. 
    • And that's about everything I know about this whole mess. 
  • It's not exactly a Winter Blizzard outside, but you'd be nuts to get on the roads.
  • The morphing of Greg Abbott continues.  Back in the day (like 12 months ago), he would never comment on a pending case regardless of the subject matter  

  • I think paying big money for color commentary guys is a total waste of money for the networks. If you put some spare in that job, ratings would not change one iota. (Hot sports opinion: And what exactly is so great about Aikman? In addition to having no personality, concentrate on just his words next fall, and tell me exactly what incredible insight he's providing.)

  • The Denton County Sheriff's Office is giving all the tell-tale signs that they are involved in a cover-up. After two years, they still refuse to release bodycams and more related to an incident where a deputy shot a man in the back. No charges were filed, there is no potential criminal case, no potential civil case, but they still won't turn over the records. The Denton Record Chronicle has also been stone-walled and Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree won't return their calls about their own Open Records request. 
    Front page of Record Chronicle today

  • Legal nerdy stuff: I don't quite understand it, but Justice Breyer accidentally let slip during oral arguments yesterday how the Court will decide a case which hasn't been released yet. Transcript.
  • Of all the homes listed for sale in Austin right now, only eleven are under $400,000. Edit: Maybe.