Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Despite the weather, it's UIL Realignment Day. Decatur and Bridgeport were in the same district a decade ago.

  • Weather notes:
    • We have officially entered into the Ted Cruz Cancun Watch Mode. 

    • Highway 287 was completely shut down in Alvord around 8:30 last night due to the ice and wrecks. 

    • The Lake Bridgeport/Twin Hills area lost power around 9:00 p.m. which was not restored until after 4:00 a.m.  Over 500 homes were left in the dark and cold. 
    • The precipitation was/is pretty much like we expected with the exception that the roads aren't as slick as you would expect -- despite what they look like. Here's downtown Bridgeport early this morning: 
      Photo by Police Chief Steve Stanford (who is competing
      with me as the Hardest Working Man in Show Business.)

    • Looking at the traffic cams in DFW this morning on the news, there aren't many vehicles on the road, but those who are seem to be moving at a pretty good clip. But there are exceptions: 

    • When I was a kid, we had to listen to the radio and watch for the TV scroll to see if school was cancelled. It was the closest we ever came to feeling the level of angst that a college football player experiences as he waits to see if his name would be called out at the NFL draft. 
  • Breaking: Looks like we killed an Big Evil Doer overnight.  There had been a $10 million reward offered for the whereabouts of the guy. 

    • But the AP earlier reported that we killed some Non Evil Doers in the attack.  We also had to blow up one of our own helicopters which had become inoperable. 

  • A former Tarrant County Justice of the Peace was convicted yesterday of lying to get a homestead tax exemption. Guess which part of the sentence makes me roll my eyes; "In Criminal District Court 3, visiting Judge Daryl Coffey sentenced Wright to four years of probation, 10 days in jail and a $2,500 fine [and] also ordered that she write in the next 90 days a 50-page essay apologizing for her behavior."  Side note: Fifty!? I'd roll my eyes if it were five. 

  • The man who fixes stuff for the Cowboy is retiring. He came in with Jimmy Johnson from the University of Miami and has been here ever since. And he knows where all the bodies are buried. 

  • Help a defeated President stage a coup and America will reward you with an appearance on a silly prime time show on Fox 

  • That's a lot of prosecutors, but you can never let a perceived crime crisis go to waste:

  • Legal nerd stuff just to show just how insufferable the Fifth Circuit federal appellate court is. (Source for what follows.)
    • A lawyer scheduled for oral argument asked to present it remotely due to COVID concerns. He filed a formal motion to do so.

    • The Court said no. Ok, admittedly that's not too bad and could probably be expected.
    • But when the lawyer appears to do the oral arguments and walks up to the podium, this exchanged took place. You can listen to it here

  • It's just a matter of time before these things and drones are everywhere watching everything. (This article about their use on the border is from the Department of Homeland Security website.)

  • This (embarrassing) video put out last week by LSU of its new coach dancing with a potential recruit took quite the turn yesterday when the player signed with Alabama instead of LSU.

  • During UT's crazy basketball visit to Lubbock this week, I learned that the "Lubbock Gorilla Lawyer" was a big player in Tech promotions.  Good lord. 

  • I bet you had no idea the Olympics had started or that the U.S. Women's Hockey Team was playing as I post this.