Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I discovered Rhome tricked up its water tower ten years ago. It's still there. 

  • COVID numbers. The chart that I typically use hasn't been updated with yesterday's numbers so I had to improvise. Quite the drop.

  • I've got the Liberally Lean Weather Team in the lab right now, but one of my meteorologists tells me, "I wouldn't schedule anything for Thursday." They'll get me the official prediction when they have it. 
  • UT-Tyler and Dallas Morning News released its Texas primary election poll yesterday.
    • The Governor's race: Abbott's lead is so big that every candidate besides him are in single digits and within 5 points of one another. 

    • AG's race. Paxton might end up in a run-off with one of those once the "not sure" people wake up and decide what they are going to do. 

  • Abbott's popularity overall is really odd in that he is despised by those in the Trump Cult and the Very Far Right.   In that regard, he was booed at the Trump rally in Conroe on Saturday night -- at least until he figured out how to stop it. This video clip is a must see for its sheer awkwardness.

  • Speaking of the Trump rally, I'm really burying the lede of his big weekend. Trump went full Fascist this weekend. You never go full Fascist.   
    • Regarding the January 6th defendants, those who beat cops and/or charged with Sedition, he said: “If I run and I win, we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. We will treat them fairly, and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”  

    • But he went further. He wants his mob to rise up if he is arrested by any of the "racists" that are investigating him. Video.  

      • He the word "racist" was in his prepared text. It's there on purpose. Three of the key prosecutors investigating Trump — the Fulton County, Ga., district attorney, Fani Willis; New York State Attorney General Letitia James; and new Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg — as well as the chair of the January 6th House committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, are all Black.
    • Side note: The My Pillow guy (the guy who had access to the Oval Office after January 6th and was urging Trump to declare "martial law") was there shaking the hands of a QAnon believer.  Trump acknowledged him during his speech. 

    • Back to Trump's big weekend. On Sunday, he  released in writing that VP Pence had failed to follow his instructions on January 6th and that "he could have overturned the election!" He's not even hiding it any longer. It was Treason in plain sight. 

  • We had a Hitler anniversary over the weekend.  You might remember that Hitler attempted a coup at the Beer Hall Putsch. Germany arrested him but released him early thinking he'd be a good boy. But he returned and had his own mob of fan boys (the Brown Shirts/Sturmabteilung) to rough people up as he began to rise to power. He used rallies to whip his fans into a frenzy. He invoked race, nationalism, and making Germany great again. He couldn't build a wall to keep the Jews out so he came up with a different plan. He had a propaganda machine of lies led by Joseph Goebbels. And less than 10 years after his attempted coup, Hitler became Chancellor. Today's papers in 1933:

  • A couple from Alvord appeared on Good Morning America. The show even sent a correspondent to Wise County for the segment. 

  • I hate anyone pulling the "do you know who I am" card. 

  • Man, that was a ton of police officers at the Jason Rivera funeral in New York on Friday. Here's the related video shot from a rooftop which is incredible. 

  • Remember the overdose of students at Poly Tech in Fort Worth I mentioned last week?  Now it happened at Birdville. The latter was part of  “Benadryl Overdose Challenge” which sounds like a very dumb challenge since "overdose" is in the actual name of it.

  • Not a good campaign strategy.

  • Miss USA, Extra correspondent, and lawyer. Jumped for her apartment building in Manhattan. 

  • A Decatur law firm won a $98 million dollar verdict in 2017 in a banking/lending case which was tried in Dallas. The case was reversed a couple of years ago by the Dallas Court of Appeals, and it was appealed further. On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court said it wouldn't get involved