Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This was a pretty funny video. A guy was holding a press conference about a casino accident,
and a bus driver just pulls up and shuts it down because they were blocking her

  • Everybody listen up. I've got my preliminary weather projections from the Liberally Lean Weather Lab beginning tomorrow:
    • The temperature never goes up. It will be 56 degrees at midnight tonight and goes down from there.
    • We hit the freezing mark at around 4:30 p.m. tomorrow.
    • The rain begins early in the afternoon. I think freezing rain and sleet begins around 6:00 p.m. That will continue four hours until around 3:30 a.m. when it turns to snow. It'll continue to snow until it tapers off around noon on Thursday. I'll put amount of snow at 2.2 inches. 
    • Thursday morning, as it is snowing, it will be 17 degrees. Our high will be 22 degrees with no sun at all that day. 
    • Conduct yourselves accordingly. 
  • The trickiest part is trying to figure out how much will be snow and how much will be ice.  Delkus thinks this:
    • Ice:

    • Snow:

  • I guess this works. They sprayed 287 on Sunday. 

  • Is this trial just going to be a swearing match? Here is the key sentence: "The accuser, who is now an adult, told police the abuse happened on three occasions between 2004 and 2006. They were between 4 and 6 years old at the time." The alleged victim came forward in 2019. 

  • Wise County is in a new House District which it shares with Denton, and we have inherited an incumbent named Dr. Lynn Stucky. The Dallas Morning News has endorsed him calling him a "serious" and "effective" conservative, and says bluntly: "Republicans have a clear choice here. They should vote for the serious conservative who has shown he can do the job. That is Dr. Lynn Stucky."  As to his opponent, they pointed out that one of his ideas for border security "was somehow engineering the Rio Grande to increase its water depth."

  • Cancel culture? In a sample of 100 school districts in Texas, they reported they had one total request to ban a book all last year. Through the first four months of this school year, that number is 75.

  • A former Texas prosecutor and Baylor Law School graduate, Katie Nielsenhas been "publicly reprimanded" for hiding evidence. She was fired in 2019 as outlined in this pretty scathing story. I'm a little more concerned about the fact she was prosecuting and innocent man: 

  • Trump is ranting about something this morning, but it's interesting he is now putting January 6th in quotes. 

  • In Copperas Cove near Waco, seven students were arrested for "riot participation" after a basketball game on-court brawl a couple of weeks ago. Now fans have been banned for the rest of the year.  The video is not that bad

  • Man, I've been preaching this for a while.  DPS acts like a campaign lapdog for Gov. Abbott.  

  • Tech fans greeted the UT bus last night ahead of tonight's game. Video. (Warning: Tech mother's would not be pleased with the language of those young men.)

  • While listening to CBS News at the top of the hour on radio, one of their top stories was a "brawl" at a Golden Corral involving 40 people in Erie, Pennsylvania. Here's the video