Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I was slow to find it back then, but a brawl from the Decatur/Castleberry football game from the the 2011 season found its way to Youtube. I just looked, and it is still there today after 2.5 million (!) views. 

  • Well, I never dreamed I'd see this. The storming of the Capitol and the attempt to overthrow the results of the election were officially labeled as "Legitimate Political Discourse" by the Republican National Committee. 

    • We are living in dangerous times when the Insurrection is not universally condemned. This isn't hard.  Does the National Republican Party want a violent revolution? If they do, that's the language they would use. And if you think it can't happen here, you are wrong. 
    • Liz Cheney wasn't having any of it.

    • Neither was Mitt.

    • And this gal is spot on.

  • A killing outside a club in Uptown last night. For such a high tone area, this seems to happen a lot.  

  • Mass murder in Corsicana over the weekend. 

  • I'd care more about the Josh Rogan controversy if I was even vaguely familiar with who he was. 
  • There was an item in Friday's Update about a car sliding off the roadway and going into the Trinity River at County Road 4757 near Newark (at "Inman's Bridge") leaving the driver in critical condition. And the rescue sounded pretty dramatic. Here's a Google Streetview of the bridge.

  • From Friday morning:

  • The girl from Denton was "found safe." No other explanation was given. 

  • Go down the Brittany Dawn rabbit hole some day. Here's the last sentence of this article: "Her more recent videos have tapped into popular QAnon talking points and conspiracy theories in general, like the debunked theory that furniture company Wayfair was trafficking children inside of its furniture shipments."

  • Here's the video of Jordan Speith's shot from the edge of cliff at Pebble Beach on Saturday.

  • The Star-Telegram endorsed Mollie Westfall for DA in Tarrant County.

  • The Texas Tribune has an interesting article today of how far right candidates in Hood County are running for, and winning, local elections.   Even non-partisan positions who don't have to pick a party (like city races and school boards) are having candidates identify as "far right conservatives" and Republican where "elections serve as a purity test . . . ." They candidates are hard core disciples of the Fox News/OAN gospel, and being White and Christian just happens to be the norm.  The candidates have no intention of representing everyone if elected because those on the other side "don’t believe in the same America that you and I grew up in." And a lot of these people are interlopers to the county. Sounds a little familiar.
  • The Sunday cover to the Star-Telegram (below) reviewing the icy road disaster from one year ago surprisingly does not have a photo of the actual wreck like this one.