Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

You think gas prices are high today? We have short memories. It was $3.40 a gallon this week ten years ago. And it had been $3.40 all the way back in 2008 before peaking at $4.12. Then the financial crisis hit and Obama was elected. Gas prices have always been a wild ride.  

  • In little Alto, Texas (near Nacogdoches) last night

  • The guru of high school football news from Dave Campbell's Texas Football has posted a Decatur coaching update.

  • Five years in prison for a probation officer in Wichita Falls who coerced sex from a person on probation by threatening to take action to have her probation revoked if she didn't comply.  According the story, lots of probation officers in Wichita County have been charged with a variety of crimes. 

  • This story about the feds seizing over $3.6 billion in bitcoin and arresting a thirty-something couple who allegedly stole it by hacking is pretty crazy. But . . . 

    • . . . it gets weirder once you see this:  Video. Someone who made that should not be capable of hacking billions of dollars. (Language warning.)

  • As astute federal court watcher noticed a pleading filed about a week ago in California by the U.S. Attorney's Office against someone in the "boogaloo" domestic terrorist movement. It's relevant to us around here because, in giving the history of the boogaloos, it stated that the guy who famously fired shots in downtown Dallas near the federal courthouse was himself a member of that group. That had never been made public before. 

  • You can tell the moment she realized she just said the silent part out loud. Video.

  • West Texas oil money is at it again. (Side note: That PAC has also given Shelley Luther $85,000. That's 74% of all the money she has raised.)

  • Austin American Statesman reporter

  • Random Fox News graphic: 

  • Random OAN graphic: 

  • There were a whopping 23 deaths listed in the Update yesterday. That might be a record. 
  • Random fun(?) fact. It wasn't that long ago:

  • Legal nerdy stuff I stumbled across: I guy gets arrested for DWI after an accident and blows 0.00 on the Intoxilyzer. Cop won't relent and accuses him of being on drugs. The guy agrees to also submit to blood test because he proclaimed he hadn't taken any drugs either. But he can't bond out of jail (because he can't afford it), and the DA actually indicts him for DWI - Causing Serious Bodily Injury.  The defense lawyer begs to see the lab report and the prosecutor won't give it to him. After three months, the case is suddenly dismissed for "insufficient evidence." The defense lawyer still wants the lab report, but the DA still won't give it to him claiming he has no obligation to do so since the case was no longer pending. Undeterred, the defense lawyer goes to the county judge and "administration" who manage (somehow) to get the DA to release the results. The lab showed absolutely no drugs and no alcohol. Here is the lawsuit

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