Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I filed a Motion for Continuance in a driver's license suspension case because I wanted to go to the Alamo Bowl. And I admitted that was the reason why in the Motion. It was granted with two handwritten notations. Practice tip: Always know the general nature of your judge before you do something like that. (The last printed paragraph was just boilerplate language if you are thinking I got chastised. I wasn't. He got a kick out of it.)

  • The guy who State Rep. David Spiller faced in the run-off spoke about being arrested for  aggravated assault, and it got a little bizarre. You might remember that his daughter and mother-in-law were tragically killed on I-35 in a car accident early this year during the campaign. Now he says his arrest was a "setup" and also claimed the "organization" behind that setup was "behind the fatal car accident." "Carter said the motive of the accident and this setup are both tied to his run for office."  Huh?

  • Loop 820 around North Richland Hills/Haltom City this morning. It is now closed: 

  • We almost had a trifecta of peace and understanding yesterday after the President's address about the Omicron variant:
    • Grace:

    • Appreciation:

    • And then there's Fox News:

  • Apparently I'm not the only one conflicted about this case. 

  • Called out. 

  • In Southlake yesterday:

  • Between this guy and the Jewish Laser QAnon Congresswoman, America has reason for concern. 

  • I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to do a "deep dive" into the case of the trucker sentenced to 110 years in prison. Well, lo and behold, Kim Kardashian (who somehow just passed the bar exam in California) said the exact same same thing later in the day. Let me tell you something: Her meaning of "deep dive" (which turned out to be seven short sentences) and my meaning aren't even in the same ballpark.

  • Charts I stole from the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning reveal that America's population didn't grow at all last year, but we did move around some with most people moving to Texas. 

  • In watching the John Adams mini-series on HBO which came out over 10 years ago, there were some scenes which seemed especially relevant today:

    • Twice the Adams family had to move out of town to escape disease engulfing their city.
    • Adams announced the votes of the Electoral College as Vice President and his fellow statesmen would have ripped him to shreds if he were to have suggested there was something wrong with the vote by the people. 
    • A woman never wants to get a mastectomy, but you dang sure didn't want to get one in 1810. 
    • Oh, and is there any chance that the "Framer's Intent" school of constitutional interpretation is a bunch of bull? I mean, in 1791 the First Amendment was ratified which plainly and simply said that Congress could make "no law" abridging Freedom of Speech. Pretty clear, right? Well just seven years later Congress passed the The Sedition Act of 1798 which made it illegal for anyone to express "any false, scandalous and malicious writing" against Congress or the president. And additional language punished any spoken or published words that had "bad intent" to "defame" the government or to cause the "hatred" of the people toward it. Good lord. And everyone just said, "OK, sounds good." 
  • Yesterday was the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. 
  • Random high school football nugget:

  • Random college sports note:

  • Messenger: Above the Fold is not available. (Their website has been down all morning. I'll link to it once it is up.)