Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Yes, that's an awful reminder from ten years ago, but I may tear up again because this 
was the headline yesterday:


  • The unvaccinated who insist on "taking their chances" will certainly get that opportunity as Omicron has just been added to their schedule.  Everyone is going to be exposed to it. (It's still yet to explode in Texas, but it will.)

  • The kid involved in the wrong way driver crash out of Rhome lives in Northlake, but he must have some kind of Wise County connection. He was previously arrested by the Sheriff's office for "Minor in Consumption - Alcohol" on March 27, 2021.

  • We've got three juries deliberating right now in three high profile cases all involving female defendants: The tazer/gun case of Kim Potter, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and the Elizabeth Holmes case.
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  • Watch Kyle Rittenhouse get introduced last night at the crazy Turning Point USA event. Video. We live in strange days. 

  • Oh, come on. 

  • The "autopsy results ruled out any obvious trauma as the cause of death." I'm guessing carbon monoxide poisoning, but I'm no ME. 

  • I wasn't familiar with this story

  • I've been seeing headlines about this for a week. I keep promising myself to take a deep dive into it because there must be something else to it beside "brakes failing." At least I hope there's more. Meanwhile, the prosecutors (one of whom graduated from law school two years ago) are getting roasted online for their post verdict celebrating. 

  • As the year comes to a close, I think I found this year's Wise County speeding winner in cause no. CR-21-00816-3.

  • It's the shortest day of the year. Sunset is at 5:28 p.m. 
  • We had our refrigerator go out last week, went a week without one, and when the new one was delivered and being installed yesterday some water connection got snapped which prompted an explanation of "we gotta call a plumber because we're not authorized to fix that", so the new krillion dollar fridge (that's what they cost these days) is now set up temporarily in the garage. Merry Christmas to me. 
    • Edit: I wrote that before I found the "Ten Years Ago" subject at the top. I don't think I have anything to complain about now. 
  • Baylor is getting a new basketball arena along the Brazos to go on the opposite side of I-35 across from the football stadium. 

  • You know what that "money laundering" story is about on the front page below? Gambling. Yep, gambling in East Texas.  It's a regular Casa Blanca in the piney woods. And they got hit with $1 million bonds.  (The criminal justice system is the real crook here.)