Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Upon reflection, I stand by that. Also, 10 years ago this week, the National Weather Service gave us hope for a White Christmas with temperatures also falling into the 20s:

  •  The Aggies have had to pull out of the Gator Bowl against Wake Forest not only because of COVID but (and this should be a bigger part of the story), its star players have either left the team to enter the draft or enter the transfer portal and there have been injuries.

    • Athletic director Ross Bjork didn't hide that this just wasn't a COVID issue: "We had over 40 guys out between COVID, season-ending injuries, transfers and opt-outs. We just didn't have enough. You can't put the other players that are healthy at risk."
    • So it sounds like they had enough players, they just didn't want to do it.
    • But they didn't have a single quarterback left after their starter entered the transfer portal and the backup got COVID.  

    • (I won't mention that Baylor beat North Carolina in the Citrus Bowl in 2015 without playing a single quarterback because of injuries. They lined up WRs in the backfield and ran the wildcat all night.  It was insane and fun. Baylor ran for 645 yards with a wide receiver rushing for 299 of them.)
    • The Gator Bowl game is scrambling to find another opponent for Wake Forest. I'd love to see Coastal Carolina play them who just played in, and won, a bowl game last Friday. That would end up being a great trivia question. 
  • This Craig Carter story keeps getting weirder. 
    • Here's new details from the police affidavit about the aggravated assault case which originated at an apartment complex near Buc-ees in far North Fort Worth. It allegedly involves an estranged wife and a gun. 

    • His "conspiracy" that he blames for the incident as well as a fatal traffic accident months earlier, seems to be related to an earlier claim about an unnamed Nocona family. This is from The Bowie News which is doing a great job here for a small town paper (click to enlarge):

    • Edit: Oh, man. If you are interested in all of this, a reader just pointed out this report posted moments ago. It's got a video which was shot before the cops got there showing the wife's friend escorting him off the property at gunpoint. It's wild!
    • I've said over the last couple of days that Carter ran against Rep. David Spiller earlier this year. I  was right, but what I didn't know was that he's running against him right now, too

    • Thanks to the faithful reader who has been all over this story. 
  • If you've ever wondered why that portion of 380 in Decatur is named "James 'Poncho' Bennett Memorial Highway" here is the original Messenger story from the main day of the trial on July 30, 1980 (click to enlarge):

    • That's our current district judge in the sketch (right) when he was D.A. 
    • You don't see many typed confessions these days. 
    • That case got to trial shockingly quickly. The murder happened on April 3, 1980.
    • Edit: Wait a second! That first sentence says the DA said, "The defense rests." Huh?
  • The new variant of COVID definitely is not as severe as Delta and far less likely to put you in the hospital, but it's finally beginning to take off in Texas over the last few days. New cases:

  • We pay her $174,000 a year.

  • Whatever happened to empty shelves and a shipping backlog? 
  • Before gun boats on the Rio, DPS and the Texas Rangers were battling booze via the air. (Hey, doesn't that look like our current Sheriff? Larger photo here.)

  • And another:

  • Hey, maybe I could be a Medical Examiner.
    • On Tuesday:

    • Yesterday:

  • Man, Ted Cruz actually sounds like he'll run for President next time. Video.

  • I haven't been over to Denton in a while but it sounds like they've fixed, somewhat, the entrances and exits for I-35 and University . . .