Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I posted this front page ten years ago so today, out of curiosity, I looked up what happened to the 69 year old Waco Tax-Assessor Collector who had been arrested for misuse of funds. He had his trial the next year when he suddenly pled guilty and begged the jury to give him probation. They did.  But the judge hit him with a 180 days in jail as a condition of that probation. (It's a weird quirk in Texas law that allows a judge to incarcerate someone up to 180 days as a "condition" when the jury has already said they don't think the person needs to be locked up.)  

  • Correction: The guy that presumably shot and killed the Mesquite officer is alive and in the hospital. I don't know why I thought he was dead.
    • We still don't know much about what went down. So far all that has been released is Guy goes to meet Girlfriend in the parking lot and Guy's Wife follows him. Guy's Wife allegedly points gun at Girlfriend.  The officer shows up and was shot by the Guy. Guy gets shot but we really don't know how or by whom (the officer? the Wife? Self-inflicted?) 
  • There was no arrest. The government just seized her money.  How is this government theft legal? 

  • Good grief.
  • Random observation: I follow very random lawyers, even in other states. on Twitter who will tweet about their work just because I like seeing what they deal with. Is it a thing to study with someone on a silent zoom call in law school? Or any school?

  • The QAnon JFK nuts in Dallas showed up for the Dallas Christmas Parade over the weekend. And there were a bunch of 'em. Photos and video here.

  • Former Wise County District Clerk Lawana Snider died last week. She was a sweetheart. 
  • Why is Jacksboro's David Spiller campaigning way down in Lampasas?  Because they tricked up his district big time!
    If you were wondering, "Putters and Gutters" is a bowling alley and
    miniature golf course.
    Old District 68
    New District 68

    • Very nerdy random redistricting question: Does a district have to be one continuous geographic piece of land? Would the touching of county corners count? Shackleford and Eastland counties in district 68 seem to touch corners but, once I looked closer, it's not an actual true corner since they are offset by just a few miles where they share a border.
  • Someone help me out on this. If you read this story, it says the intensive program is for felony DWI offenders (people with two prior convictions). That's great. We've got a judge who is thinking outside the box instead of just agreeing to put people in cages.  But the guy who runs the program is a County Court at Law judge who has no felony jurisdiction. So I don't understand it.

  • It's kind of hard to tell when they are for Law and Order and when they are against it. Or maybe you can predict it. 

  • I don't know who that guy it, but he had the best view in the house.

  • Decatur hosts over 50 teams at a basketball tournament this weekend. That's a lot of buses. Below is just all of the varsity games. There's a JV schedule, too. 

  • In case you missed it, New England threw just three passes last night in the wind in Buffalo. And won.