Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was 10 years ago when Lauren Scruggs took a private plane ride to look at Christmas lights and, upon landing, walked into a still-moving propeller of the plane at Addison's airport. She went on to marry some guy named Jason Kennedy who used to be the host of E! apparently.    

  •  The parents of the Michigan school shooter were arrested on involuntary manslaughter charges. I'm normally not a fan of criminal prosecution for negligent and reckless conduct, but the statement the DA read on Friday outlining the facts made me change my mind. I'm not saying they need to be locked up, but something should happen. 

    • They bought the kid a handgun and, four days later, got called into school because a teacher has freaked out about threats she had discovered the kid had written (excerpt below). They were then put in a room with the kid who had his backpack with him, refused to take him home, and didn't seem to consider that he might have had the new gun with him.  And when the shooting started less than two hours later, the mom texted the kid, "Ethan, don't do it.

  • Saturday was a big day for social media posts.
    • A congressman from Kentucky celebrated the birthday of the Prince of Peace.

    • The QAnon Jewish Space Laser congresswoman must think cancer can be spread by contact to make this comparison.

    • Trump finally admitted the election was legit.

  • Bob Dole has passed away.  I was reminded of when he paid his respects to President George H.W. Bush. It was pretty moving because he was so frail. Video

  • The shooting death of the Mesquite police officer on Friday is awful, but authorities are extremely and oddly tight lipped about what happened in the grocery store parking lot. They haven't even publicly identified the other person (who is presumably the killer and who also died.)

  • Remember the Clay County Sheriff and Oath Keepers member who was recently arrested for Official Oppression by the Texas Rangers for holding a couple in his jail ?
    • I guessed this.

    • I was right according to today Wichita Falls Times Record News. And, yes, a deputy made the arrest of the couple as well. 

  • The Little Ball of Insurrection is crazy.  She's hoping to lose weight in prison and thinks they'll have "protein shakes." (Fun fact: In the video, she actually got on the bathroom scale and shows us that she clocks in at 170 pounds.)

  • I've been watching Baylor games all my life, and I don't think I've ever seen as exciting of a finish as on Saturday. (Here's a great video of the Baylor chaos on defense before the snap.) Oklahoma State must feel badly, but there is some consolation in knowing that even with a win they would have been shut out of the playoffs because of the way the rest of the games played out. 

  • Remember the Southlake quarterback who skipped his Senior season to enroll early at Ohio State and chase the NIL money?  Well, he has entered the transfer portal. It sounds like he visited both Tech and TCU over the weekend. (Maybe I'm wrong, but I bet he'll regret skipping his Senior year for the rest of his life. We are here for only a short time and the whole point of life is actually living it.)

  • A new state park near Palo Pinto: