Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I went looking for an update on this and found out it was Clint Markham, 40. For a detailed summary of the event from his wife, see this summary of her lawsuit against the cruise lines for getting her husband liquored up.  Ugh. 

  •  There was an arrest in the Three-Bodies-in-a-Dumpster case, and this is wild. Stay with me here. 

    • First, there was no child involved. The bodies were now confirmed to be two women and one man.
    • He claims he killed them at different times. This gets us in the serial killer orbit.
    • He said "he had an in-depth knowledge of the Bible" and believed he was being "called to commit sacrifices." Yep, serial killer stuff.
    • He killed both women by stabbing them with and knife, dismembered them with a knife, and then burned them after they were dead. (Hang on to that thought for a second.)
    • He claims to have killed others including a former roommate and a "girlfriend" in Arizona. He was arrested there in 2014 for trying to carjack a female, and a stranger, at a stoplight. 
    • According to Fox 4, "Fort Worth police are also reviewing all of their unsolved murder cases . . . and are asking all other jurisdictions to do the same."
    • Do I need to remind everyone that Lauren Whitener was murdered with a knife and then set on fire after she was dead in Wise County on July 5, 2019 and the case is unsolved?
    • What if I told you that the guy arrested in the dumpster case has a connection to Wise County in that he was arrested in 2018 for Evading Arrest by Rhome PD?  The stop was because of a "broken tail light" with no known reason to flee. He got a two year sentence in cause no. CR-20753, and was released from prison on May 16, 2019 - a month and a half before Whitener's death.
    • Hey, I'm not saying the guy killed Whitener but you guys want to at least take a look at it? You have the killer's DNA. 
  • Boyd ISD having issues?  Below is from my tip line.  There is also an online petition to "reinstate" the principal. If all of this is true, it seems like a pretty big deal in Yellowjacket land. 

  • We had a hung jury in the Tarrant County "improper relationship" case yesterday. The jury revealed they were hung 10-2 for not guilty.  The fact that the State can retry her despite the Double Jeopardy clause is something I will never understand. 

  • I don't know anything about it, but Decatur ISD was sued yesterday by a lawyer who "who represents employees in lawsuits involving claims for sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation." Cause no. CV21-09-682.
  • Decatur's own. 

  • For the media to be so liberal, they sure did spend a lot of time yesterday on the story that President Biden was in fact told to leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to avoid a Taliban takeover. As they should. 

  • There's another wild tell-all book on Trump -- this one by a former press secretary and long time inner circle friend.  He's not the best at picking loyal people. 

  • I don't know anything about this story, but how exactly do you collect enough bear urine to boil?

  • Random sports fun fact: We had a record 66 yard field goal in the NFL this weekend, but one time Lane Kiffen, while coaching the Raiders, sent his kicker out to try a 76 yarder.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold. (Sorry, that's just a link to a tiny thumbnail. I can't get the full paper to load despite my premium platinum membership with the paper.)