Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was really there. It was also the weekend where, in Arlington, there was the Cowboy game, Aggie v. Arky at Jerry World, and two Ranger playoff games. I suppose that explained it.  

  • Tiffany Caswell, the woman arrested in Arkansas along with Royce Wood who was subject of the Wise County "manhunt" in June, bonded out of the Wise County jail last week. 

  • Not only have all the DPS troopers been sent to the border but Wise County's own game warden, David Pellazzari, was shipped off as well. 
  • Watch a propane tank explode at the Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday.
    And that's before the explosion.

  • The crazy Friday news, which still hasn't had any updates, is that three bodies, including a child, were found burned and dismembered in a dumpster in White Settlement. One of them has been ID'd but that's it.  This has the work of a cartel written all over it. 

  • First it was Deep Ellum and now Fort Worth's 7th Street. But this story has absolutely no details about the incident on Saturday night.

  • If you ever take Southlake Boulevard, you know it is a beating. It looks like an even bigger beating this morning since its expected to be shut down for four hours due to this mess.

  • Good grief

  • We are the dumbest country. 

  • If you haven't seen Justin Spieth's crazy shot at the Ryder cup, you need to. The screenshot below shows a red line which is tracking the trajectory of the ball after he hit it. 

  • I just keep reading this over and over. 

  • This is the second Utah player to be shot and killed in less than two years.  The player killed Saturday night, Aaron Lowe, was named the first recipient of the Ty Jordan Memorial Scholarship. Jordan was the first player killed.

  • Trump's deleted this statement he issued prior to the Arizona audit which actually confirmed Biden beat him worse than what we first thought. 

  • You can find this graphic every Sunday, but here is how every AP voter voted in the College Football Top 25 Poll. I love it.  (The Longhorns just missed the final cut, and I really don't know why that is.)

  • I finally watched I, Tonya.  Really good stuff. And the makeup artist who transformed Margot Robbie was robbed for not even being nominated for an Oscar.