Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I remember that kid. The Rangers made him a first round selection with the 17th pick. And a fun fact is that Texas traded him in a package to get Cliff Lee who was instrumental in getting the team to its first World Series. Below is how his career played out. After a poor 2013 where he appeared in only 12 games, they gave up on him. 

  • I'll keep this routine going for another week or so, but we are headed down. 

  • On the other hand. COVID hasn't gone away.

  • I heard that a leading elected official of Decatur ISD and his father were asked to leave the sideline of the football game on Friday night in Midlothian and finally did so after some resistance. 
  • In a wild 9/11 tweet, Attorney General Ken Paxton thought this would be a good idea. He deleted it after about 24 hours.

  • The Brazoria County Sheriff, like all sheriffs, has nothing to do with policing any federal government vaccine "mandate." Nevertheless, he wants you to know he won't enforce it. You know, because of freedom. 

  • The Alabama Governor is also taking a stand against any mandate which has a familiar ring to it it.
    • Now:

    • Then:

  • On August 30th, I wrote "you have a reason to be skeptical" about the U.S.'s claims we were killing those responsible for the bombing at the airport in Kabul. I was right

  • Oh, my. Last night at around 3:30 a.m., a big rig went off of Highway 287 at the Bond Ranch Road overpass. 

  • Oh, my #2. There's a person under that. 

  • If you haven't seen the falling cat saved by an American flag, you have to. The crowd's reaction is golden. 

  • If you haven't seen Jacksonville State beat Florida State on the last play, here it is. As one writer said, "[This weekend] had Jacksonville State (Ala.) of the Football Championship Subdivision getting a mind-boggling 59-yard touchdown pass on the final play to win, 20-17, at Florida State, from Zerrick Cooper to Damond Philyaw-Johnson, who caught the ball 19 yards shy of the end zone and still managed to zigzag in through two defenders who appeared to lack GPS to find him." And here's a view focusing on the cheerleader reaction which is really funny.

  • The boycott of the "woke" NFL doesn't appear to be working too well. 

  • The Messenger always has a weekly "football picks" feature which I think is silly because the predictions aren't based upon the line but are instead just straight up. How hard is that? Well, in a couple of instances this week, it was. But a couple of people did have Nostradamus like predictions.

  • African-American QBs this weekend. 

  • I got my Pfizer booster shot on Friday.