Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Take a hit? Heck, even I don't even remember Duane Buck. Here's what eventually happened to him if you are interested.   

  • Downward trend continues.

  • Decatur ISD School Board President Thomas Houchin, who by all appearances speared-headed the resignations of the school's head football coach/athletic director as well as the superintendent earlier this year, abruptly relinquished his position yesterday but will remain on the board as a voting member. The short meeting of the board, where the announcement was made, was the only meeting which has been scheduled for 2:00 p.m. this year. 

  • Wise County government uncharacteristically entered the political fray yesterday by announcing it won't enforce any vaccine mandates (which technically don't apply to Wise County government anyway.) The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy tersely took note last night:

  • Well, we've got proof positive that the COVID vaccines are dangerous as rapper and apparent medical expert Nicki Minaj reports about how a friend of her cousin in Trinidad had an unfortunate problem which had never before been seen as a side effect.  So remember, you will be relying upon Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend for your proof. Fox News' Tucker Carlson wanted you to know about it last night (as the otherwise comical chyron incorrectly summarizes the tweet): 

  • Meanwhile, in Galveston yesterday:

  • Meanwhile at the $30,000 per ticket Met Gala in Manhattan last night, AOC made an appearance in a "Tax The Rich" dress. 

  • The California governor recall election is today.  Ever since the campaign of Gov. Newsom rebranded the campaign (accurately) in late August as "It's Either Me or You're Gonna Get Larry Elder", the results have been a no-brainer. From 538.com:

  • “The woman [in Houston] told police she saw the man looking into her bedroom window [last Friday night]. That's when she got her rifle and opened fire through the wall of the home. The suspected peeping Tom took off running but collapsed and died near the house.” 

    • Is she in jeopardy of any criminal charges? Probably not.  Legally speaking, it's arguably a pretty close call but, practically speaking, the D.A. will get the grand jury to clear her.
    • What if he was 5 feet from her window when she saw him? How about 15? What if he was on the concrete area in front of her home looking in a front window instead of being deeper in the property by a back window? What if he was moving away while looking instead of stationary? Does any of that make a difference to you? 
    • And wouldn't we go nuts if a cop had simply gunned the unarmed man down outside of the window instead of the shooter being a female homeowner?
  • Here is some history I learned yesterday that I was unaware of.  In the Spring of 1988, Denton County Sheriff Randy Kaisner, 33, found himself in a run-off election with challenger Kirby Robinson to keep his job.  He then offered Robinson the position of his Chief Deputy if he would drop out of the race.  The result? Robinson said no, won the election, and then the Sheriff was indicted and convicted of bribery because of the offer. 
  • In more recent Denton County news, which is pretty wild but not quite that wild:

  • The SEC fined Arkansas $100,000 for storming the field on Saturday night after beating UT. They'll gladly pay it. But it was a wild scene. I've circled Texas trying to exit the field during it. Watch it here.

  • Wait a second. I get a COVID booster, but yesterday I learn that it might not be necessary? Well, if it wasn't needed all it cost me was an hour of my time. And those scientist who question its usefulness obviously didn't say it's potentially dangerous (no reputable scientist does) but instead say "whatever advantage the shots might provide would not outweigh the benefit of using them to protect the billions of people who remain unvaccinated worldwide." So I might feel guilty about that.