Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This ended up being a pretty wild case out of Paradise where the guy, Mark Schomburg, eventually pled to a 40 year sentence.    There isn't as much online about the case as you would expect but, if I remember correctly, a woman's body was found rolled up in carpet in his garage. (A little bizarre side note is that Schomburg sued his home insurance company for failing to cover the items which eventually went missing from his unprotected home while he was awaiting trial. A pro se pleading in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals revealed he had a ton of guns, Rolexes, and gold coins. The list begins at p. 27)

  • The surge is surging.

  • It's the Confederacy.

  • Gov. Abbott has tested positive for COVID. He got special treatment of being tested every day, had a third booster shot, and immediately had access to Regeneron's drug. All at government expense. All the while, he does nothing to prevent the spread of the virus. This is him on Tuesday evening in Collin County. He's going to be fine, but he might have killed someone who is unvaccinated in that maskless crowd.

  • Radar estimates of rainfall, and this was before last night's storms. Wise County got drenched.

  • Regarding the guy on the loose for shooting the Clay County deputy, check out that final quote from the Sheriff. (Thanks to my far North Texas correspondent who sent me this.)

  • Wreck yesterday near Heritage Trace Parkway in north Fort Worth yesterday. Explain that one to your boss. 

  • We had a broadcaster deciding to throw out some Asian Accent Humor during a game last night. I'm not sure he needs to be cancelled for this (audio), but what was he thinking?

  • Regarding things you can't say any longer, I saw this Bug Bunny clip a couple of months ago and I've thought about it ever since. 

  • Decatur's own was promoted to Triple A ball by the Atlanta Braves yesterday.

  • Flashback: 35 year ago today. Man, this was a big deal. 

  • If these guys on the special teams for the Longhorns aren't shamed into oblivion today for allowing this video to be released, it's going to be a long season.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold