Random Friday Morning Thoughts

This is depressing, but the 40 year old man. John Burnette, turned out to be from Boyd and didn't survive the fall. 

  • Climbing continues.

  • Wise County's hospital situation made WFAA.

  • Don't get too excited about the Texas Supreme Court late last night "denying" Abbott's request to force schools to honor his No Mask Mandate.   AG Paxton, who never knows what he's doing, simply filed it in the wrong court. 

  • An insurrection loving and gun loving "patriot" shut down part of Washington D.C. yesterday as he threatened to blow up two and half blocks on Facebook Live.  "The revolution starts today" and "the South is here," he said.  Not being Black (remember?) or Muslim, he was taken into custody alive. January 6th was just a test run. 
    Didn't I see him in Con Air?

    Yep, that's dollar bills he threw out. 

  • Speaking of, after promoting for months that she "did nothing wrong", the Lil' Ball of Insurrection from Carrollton (who works in Frisco as a realtor) has a agreed to plead guilty. She faces only six months incarceration.

  • Legal nerd stuff: In Fort Worth, the Familial DNA case (using a person's DNA to find a distant relative and then using good old fashioned police work to go up or down a family tree) completed jury selection yesterday. The defense lawyer, when questioning the panel, asked them how they felt about police secretly using DNA services like "23 and Me" -- a perfectly legal technique.  As a defense lawyer, you are in a tough spot there. If you are lucky, you'll find five people who say it is "unfair."  But (1) if they said they could never convict if the tactic was used by police, the judge will remove them, and (2) if they say they could still be unbiased, the State will strike them with one of their 10 free strikes. So you'll end up losing any of those who at least had a slight chance to be a decent defense juror. In any event, if a jury thinks a guy is guilty, 99% of the time they don't care if the police broke procedures and laws to catch them. 

  • Paid ad? I was watching WFAA news yesterday evening and the final "news segment" was about this BBQ place expanding. The report just fawned all over restaurant. That caused my radar to go off. Then I saw that the Morning News had a story about it as well.  I'm pretty sure (?)  Belo still owns both WFAA and the paper. Payola?

  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said on Laura Ingraham last night that, yes, most of those hospitalized are the non-vaccinated but it's not Republicans making up that group, it's Black people. That's a change from blaming unvaccinated Mexicans crossing the border which had been his talking point as of late. 

  • Some people compare Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban but there is no comparison. For example, what Jerry has done at The Star from a real estate development angle is something Cuban hasn't even remotely sniffed. Not to mention Jones going heavy into natural gas and Legends Hospitality and Prosper. Yet somehow Cuban gets a spot on Shark Tank as some business guru.  

  • An amazing story out of Philadelphia: A man spends over 25 years in prison for rape and murder until the DNA came back years later revealing it didn't belong to him. And get this: The DA and cops decided to retry the man on the theory that he was still the killer. The jury quickly found him not guilty. Now three detectives who testified in that second trial have been indicted for perjury by the new DA.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 777 days.
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