Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The soon to be convicted, and then pardoned, sheriff thought so much of himself back in the day.   (You really haven't heard much of Michelle Bachmann since that failed presidential campaign. Herman Cain died of COVID after being diagnosed with it nine days after attending Trump's Tulsa rally last summer.) 

  • COVID. We had 1,428 in hospitals on June 27th. By my count, since then we have increased to a total of 10,363 people over 50 consecutive days of increases. The first two surges can't match that. Focus on the steepness of the current slope. 

  • DPS sending out a "Blue Alert" at 11:30 p.m. to all of Texas cellphones with absolutely no information was dumb.

  • It was actually prompted by a deputy being shot in Clay County with was "caught" by his bulletproof vest.  (I understand why you might want to issue the alert for Clay and surrounding counties, but I doubt people in El Paso, Texarkana, and Corpus Christi locked their doors.)

  • Edit: Car has been found
  • This is an amazing

  • Taliban news: The Taliban workout video in the Presidential Palace might overtake Jane Fonda's as a bestseller.

  • The non-Talibans weren't having as much fun. 

  • Flashback: She, too, was an "Afghan refugee" when she fled during the Soviet invasion in the early 1980s. 

  • The Star-Telegram has a story today about a murder warrant issued out in Parker County for a 73 year old man accused of killing his new wife.  What makes the story wild is that his former wife ended up dead, and her family in Florida has a no-holds barred website detailing the relationship up until her death. (Pure, unsubstantiated speculation: Is there any chance that this guy, who is on the run, is the man who shot at the Clay County deputy?)

  • We had a new meme develop yesterday around this lady who instigated a crazy brawl in the stands of a Charger game.  Here's the fight from above. Here's a close up angle. And here's what she did.  

  • Meant to mention this lady yesterday. These people are all around you. Watch.

  • The AP Preseason Poll came out yesterday, and I noticed Louisiana-Lafayette was at #23. I had to check them out to even figure out what conference they were in. Instead I learned the Evil Empire has an interesting pre-conference game with the Ragin Cajuns to open the season -- a game which I suspect they didn't expect to be interesting when they scheduled it. The Longhorns are a 9.5 points favorite at home for the game on 9/5. 

  • After years of hearing complaints, someone told me about an absolutely positive experience while getting their DL renewed in person at the Decatur DPS office.  Adequately staffed with friendly workers. Good job.