Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The days of the Wise County Tea Party as they were preparing to go to Houston for 
Gov. Perry's "Day of Prayer."   But, although they are long gone, the  the Tea Party basically 
became the Texas Republican Party.

  •  6,853 is the new August 1 number not yet reflected. This is about the number last summer when Abbott imposed a mask mandate statewide. Politics won't let him do that this time. 

  • Wise County's vaccination rate is 30.4%. Denton is 50.4%. Collin County is 55.4%. Jack County is 27.9%  and Montague County is 26.2%.   I see a pattern. (Just to be clear, that is a percentage of the entire population, including children which can't be vaccinated.)

  • Admittedly, not a good look. 

  • Wait a second. ZZ Top played a show on Friday after Dusty Hill died last Tuesday? Too soon?

  • State representatives took pointed shots at the President of UT yesterday for the school's decision to go to the SEC. But it was all for show. Here's TCU's attack. Here's Baylor's attack. But the Big 12 Commissioner in the background is how all of those left behind feel.

  • This is the senior from Southlake Carroll who thinks he can earn big money in NIL endorsements over the next year if he enrolls at Ohio State and skips his final season as the Dragons' quarterback. He's probably right. (For those interested, Luke 17:21 says, "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." KJV).

  • I've lauded the great book Cult of Glory: The Bold and Brutal History of the Texas Rangers before, and look what arrived in the mail yesterday! The author sent me a copy of his previous book

  • Wise County has open jail space and it looks like the Sheriff has imported some inmates from  from overcrowded Smith County to earn a buck.
  • The Fox News Twitter feed adopted my old Random Thought Girl bit yesterday.

  • I thought we didn't call them "ozone action days" any longer? As I always say, all that means is that it will be hot today but with little to no wind. Wind is the key.

  • The main part of Decatur's rain deluge on Sunday was down 380 towards Denton. 

  • DPS just added 145 new troopers -- the largest class ever

  • The con worked like this: People would fall for the Nigerian email scheme and ultimately reveal their login information for their teacher's retirement account. The account was then changed by the scammer to route retirement payments away from the employee's bank account and into a debit card held by the crook. 

  • People often ask how someone could fall for a Nigerian email because it is so obviously fake. Did you know that the scammers intentionally make the email poorly worded in order to suck in only the most gullible? They don't want to waste time having to weed out those who will likely eventually figure out the fraud. After all, if you send out millions of scam emails, it's too much work to try and pull off the con if you have a 50% response rate.   You'd rather have a tiny response rate of those absolutely ready to be conned. (Microsoft even had a statistician with a big brain research this who produced this work.)
  • They just keep coming. I swear I see a headline like this every couple of months. (By the way, in 1990 Celina's population was 1,893.)

  • Simone Biles won a bronze model in the balance beam this morning.