Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Pictures from Cowboys' training camp in San Antonio in 2011.   Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan (top photo -- obviously) arrived in camp in a beat up van and carrying his clothes in a trash sack. 

  • Four inches?

  • COVID quick hits:
    • If I understand it all (good luck), no Texas government entity, including schools, can require masks in its facilities. One exception is the judiciary and the Dallas courts just imposed one.  If there are masks required, there's no way you can have meaningful jury selection or a trial. 

    • Announced Texas hospitalization numbers are running way behind -- why? -- but they are skyrocketing. We might actually be close to 7,000 right now.  

    • Oh, my.

    • Good thing no one else could possibly be affected.

    • If you think all of that crowd of Lollapalooza in Chicago were "checked" to see if they were vaccinated as promoters say, well . . .  you know. That crowd was insane. 
  • From Friday: Heck of a fire at a 10,349-square-foot home in Southlake (formerly owned by the late Pat Summerall of NFL fame.)
  • Street racing in Dallas left three dead on Friday night and this image really got me. The story says the car slammed into the building. 

  • I'm not familiar with the Texas band named Vandoliers, but I'm interested in one of their songs. (A Faithful Reader from Houston sent me this after it was spotted online.)

  • This would be one of the greatest scandals in history, but it was committed by Trump so no one seems surprised. "Don’t expect you to do that, just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R[epublican]. Congressmen.” The note was made by former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen’s deputy, Richard Donoghue, when all three were on a conference call on Dec. 27.

    • Remember my "10 years ago" post I made last week about the Texas Tech student struck by a car in Runaway Bay as he rode back from Lubbock? I at least found out his name: Paul Edwards.
    • Poor guy.

    • Really good long read in this month's Texas Monthly.

    • Simone Biles said this morning she will compete in the balance beam competition.  (I'm so proud of it, I'll reissue this: You can only have a hot sports opinion about her if you are able to do a cartwheel.)