Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

One thing I did back then that I never do now is throw in a random bullet point about home life. But I came across this from 10 years ago which made me smile. She's a college freshman now.   

  • The August 3rd number came in at 7,685. Place your bets as to whether we beat last summer's surge record of 10,893. 

  • I love how the owner of the missing Grand Prairie cobra agreed to go on TV but didn't want to give his name. Ummmkay. Side note: Police said he had a license from the Texas Parks and Wildlife for the snake. I had to look it up: It seems you can get a permit for $20.

  • I also watched this story on Fox 4 News and having the standard what-a-headache reaction when this was kind of snuck in at the end: "My husband is not working right now due to an accident." 

  • Anyone else not hear about a plane crash a week ago which killed six people

  • Nope, this isn't good. And there have been a quite a few stories like this littering the news lately.

  • This seems ridiculously high. Wouldn't the majority of hotels be owned by corporate chains anyway? (Dallas Morning News story.)

  • The Denton Record Chronicle posted about 30 minutes of Rep. Michael Burgess "town-hall" which was basically far right wingers ranting at him.  What a beating. China. The Big Lie. COVID numbers "cooked". Even Hunter Biden's laptop.  They were all brought up, and they all got big cheers. Sheesh. People are crazy. (And the congressman might want to cut back on the cheeseburgers.)

  • Man, this guy was really a hard core anti-vaxxing and COVID-mocking guy.

  • Hot sports opinion by former gold medalist Carl Lewis. Here's a quick video of the men's relay performance (The U.S. is in the next to outside lane.)  In addition to the handoffs, we just look slow. 

  • After the OU/Texas sabotage of the Big 12, how do you think this guy will vote this fall if the final fourth spot is a toss-up between Oklahoma and some other team?

  • Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson was on The Ticket this week and he randomly brought up a story of cutting a player you never heard of. He always does that and strangely seems to get great joy in it. I've always thought that there was a lot of sorriness within him. 
  • You won't have to become a dirty socialist and root for Luka Doncic in the Olympics championship game against the God-fearing and freedom loving U.S. of A. because Slovenia  just lost to France because of a last second French resistance block. 
  • Man, the New York Post has dogged this man for months and they finally smell blood.