Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

He got a statue one year later.    

  • Decatur School Board chaos continues:
    • What the heck is this? "Following five hours meeting behind closed doors, the Decatur School Board late Tuesday night took action regarding Superintendent Joseph Coburn, but the board did not disclose what action they had taken." (Emphasis added.)  So did they lead him to the gallows or not? 
    • A bombshell was announced during the Board meeting. There are recordings! See paragraph #5 from a letter of Trustee Jennifer Wren. Oh, my! Let's hear them. 

    • On Monday I asked whether the recent baseball coach's resignation from Decatur ISD was related to how the school board handled the forced resignation of the football head coach. Yesterday I got my answer: 

    • What a train wreck. 
  • The county judge in Jack County, who, if asked, says he would refuse to marry same sex couples, took his case against a potential rebuke from the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct to the Fifth Circuit federal court in New Orleans yesterday. That "potential" rebuke is a problem for him legally since the district court threw his lawsuit out saying he hasn't yet been harmed or injured and, thus, doesn't have  -- wait for it -- standing.

  • I'm hearing there were some pretty serious facial injuries suffered on the north end of Lake Bridgeport when two people jumped simultaneously from a dock onto something similar to this: 

  • Hurricane Elsa is a big bag of nothing which is only getting attention because it's the first one of the season and because the long weekend left skeleton crews in newsrooms with nothing else to report. 

  • It's been less than a week since the NCAA abruptly said that college athletes are free to make money, and it has already gotten crazy.  I wasn't kidding when I said we'll see the equivalent of SuperPACs donating to players. Stuff like this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • So they want the government to ban books (Forget the Alamo), have cameras aimed at teachers, and force the populace to behave in a way they define as proper when the National Anthem is played?  Feels very North Korean-like, doesn't it?  Or worse. All hail the power of the state.

  • Haiti has been an absolute mess since the earthquake 11 years ago, and it just got worse last night. (See below. Not mentioned: He had refused to leave office when his term ended in February, arguing a delay in his swearing in after a contested election entitled him to rule for an additional year.) And it's hard to wrap your head around that the country shares a body of land with a vacation destination.  

  • Here's my annual rant that the NFL Player's Association is the worst union in America. The number one player in the draft, Trevor Lawrence, has signed a deal for his "slotted position" for  $36 million guaranteed. Eleven years ago, before the owners boat raced the players with a new collective bargaining agreement, number one pick Sam Bradford got a contract for $78 million with $50 guaranteed.
  • Legal nerd stuff: A federal appellate court, when it has to decide a question of state law, has the right to "certify" a question to the supreme court of the applicable state asking them to tell them  what the law of that state is if it has not been previously decided.  That being said, the Fifth Circuit sent a haymaker to the Louisiana Supreme Court yesterday. (Trust me, any lawyer you know has no idea what the heck this means.) 

  • So I'm watching Deadwood and see a young girl appear and think, "Hey! That could be what's-her-face's daughter!"  It turned out to be what's-her-face

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