Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

And ten years have slipped through our fingers.   

  • Want to know exactly how close to the season's start that the Decatur School Board got rid of its coach? 

  • In case you missed it, here's the video of a 61 year old lady crashing the Rockwall Independence Day Parade on a tractor and cops having a tough time stopping her. 

  • In case you missed it #2. (Video from Toledo, OH.)

  • A 24-year old professional hockey player was sitting in a hot tub with friends, someone set off heavy fireworks near by,  at least one falls over, and it sends a rocket blast directly into the hockey player’s chest and kills him.

  • Someone is creating a statue of the late James Wood of Decatur. 

  • Dallas Morning News poll: If Matthew McConaughey ran for governor, would you vote for him, Abbott, or someone else?

  • If you haven't checked in on the price of oil since the pandemic hit, you would be in for a shock. 

  • I'll answer that: It is not built along the ocean. 

  • We've already reached the Black Mirror phase of warfare.

  • Graphic of the 2020 election.  Wise County, predictably all red, is in the upper left hand corner. But the blue in Denton County and Collin County is interesting. Source.

  • No, the United States Women's Soccer Team did not disrespect a 98 year old WW2 veteran. The fake news distribution on this was high yesterday. 

  • Random sports: I've mentioned before that most people have forgotten that after Roger Staubach's "Hail Mary" to Drew Pearson in 1975 that an official was hit in the head with a thrown liquor bottle. I've now discovered the whole game is on youtube. I've got the game cued up to that moment here

  • Lonesome Dove update: I'm still working on it. I'm on Chapter 47 (page 397 of 946 to be exact.) Observation: I'll take the dialogue from Deadwood over Larry McMurtry's attempt at it every day of the week. He's killing me.