Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years to the day.    

  • It a National Holiday, businesses are closed, there is no Messenger Update, but here I am. THWMISB©.
  • More fallout from the way the Decatur School Board treated AD and football coach Mike Fuller?

  • The Wise County Sheriff's Office had us covered at Wise County Park yesterday. They even broke out the RV.  

    Is that communications poll really needed these days?
  • An interloping con man does what he was expected to do:

  • "All right, Martha, you distract them by busting out into the National Anthem while I grab us some Mountain Dew and sugar cookies before they can get to 'em." (Video in link.)

  • The event was cancelled because it was a presentation about the book, Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth. The far right is going to be involved in actual book burning before it is all said and done. 

  • I finished my Texas Ranger book (it's great) and held my breath when the next to final chapter covered the screwed up investigation of Henry Lee Lucas. But the book portrayed Wise County's own Phil Ryan as basically the only Ranger who knew Lucas was a fraud from the get go. It was the incompetent Sheriff of Williamson County and former Texas Ranger Jim Boutwell who was primarily responsible for the disaster. (He was also responsible the famous wrongful conviction of Michael Morton.)  
    • Related and recommended: The Confession Killer on Netflix where Phil Ryan makes an appearance.

  • The Gulf of Mexico caught fire because of gas leak on Friday.  We are literally going to destroy this planet, aren't we? Video.
  • As of yesterday, the barrier went down at the White House.  Back to normalcy continues. 

  • I haven't dogged Dennis Prager in a while, but he kind of deserves it when he posts a picture of a flag that has 54 stars. And he did it twice

  • Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the photo which appeared at the end of The Shining (and I honestly didn't even remember there was a photo at the end of the movie.)

  • Legal news from late Friday which lawyers will be interested in.  The lawsuit was based upon the State Bar being involved in lobbying for dirty liberal causes. Fifth Circuit opinion here. (Most of us are just surprised to learn the State Bar does anything with the $235 they steal from us every year.)

  • The Rangers have a pitcher who made the All-Star team who has an ERA under 2.00? When's the last time a Ranger pitcher had an ERA that low at the All-Star break? Ever?

  • Ever thought about the last words of the Declaration of Independence? We "mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."