Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Still holds up after 10 years.    

  • Today's Messenger does a good job today revealing what went down during the escape of Royce Wood by reviewing affidavits filed by law enforcement. Brody Brown, the officer who was with the officer who was struck by a bullet, Rex Richie, clearly told an investigator that Wood fired at them while he fled and that he (Brown) returned fire. But as to how Richie was struck, all we know is this sentence which, I suppose, is subject to interpretation.  

  • That was weird weather yesterday evening when the cold front came through. This shot was taken on highway 287 between Rhome and Decatur. 

  • Remember how I have called Uber a "house of cards" because of their financial statements? (They've never declared a profit because they are wasting money on unnecessary expenses including inflated salaries.) 
    • Well, first let me remind you of this bullet point from 8/21/19 after Uber announced they were bringing 3,000 "high paying" jobs to Dallas:

    • Now check out yesterday's story where Uber announced that it won't be 3,000 jobs after all but instead that number is now only 500 (assuming everything goes right.)

    • They can blame the pandemic all they want, but this isn't pandemic related. They certainly aren't bullish on their post-pandemic future in Dallas. 
  • She tested positive for weed, and we are going to ban her? We are the dumbest country -- a country where weed is legal in 19 states. (Edit: The ban is official this morning.)

  • Good. The federal government had a self-imposed moratorium on the death penalty for nearly two decades until Attorney General Bill Barr (that pillar of virtue) lifted it in mid 2020. Then the federal government went on a killing spree and executed 13 people before Trump was voted out. 

  • Legislation that was passed which was under the radar: The Texas legislature approved House Bill 1518, which allows for sales of beer and wine to start at 10 a.m. on the Lord's Day. 
  • Let's check in on Texas lawyers:

  • I've read about this Corpus Christi case, and I'm hopeful about this documentary

  • That was a horrible effort by cops of attempting to safely blow up a bunch of fireworks. Video of explosion here.

  • Honor the 4th of July and its meaning by watching the video I plugged yesterday about the Trump Insurrection.  If it doesn't make you made, something is seriously wrong.  

  • I'm six episodes in on Deadwood. I like it. (Except for the voice of Calamity Jane.)
  • I'm making Mrs. LL rewatch Six Feet Under with me. She's never seen it, but I think she's locked in. (I told her very young Dwight Schrute will eventually make an appearance so she's excited.)
    No Dwight in this photo.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 728 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold