Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport Police are visibly guarding school campuses before 6:00 a.m. 
  • The arrest of a Wise County resident for allegedly embezzling from a little league made the metroplex news. 
  • So, after receiving millions in tax breaks from Dallas, Uber officially announced yesterday it will move a major part of its headquarters to the city. And, yes, they are still claiming they'll bring 3,000 jobs with a salary of at least $100,000. (WBAP reported it would be an "average of $130,000", but I don't see anyone else saying that.) Let me tell you something: There is something seriously not right -- not only with this deal but with that company as a whole. I smell a fraud and a house of cards . . . 
  • Hey, we've got some blasphemy for breakfast!: After insulting the Jewish people yesterday, Trump went bizarro this morning by quoting a conspiracy theory radio host who said Trump is perceived by the Jewish people as being equivalent to the "second coming" and the "King of Israel." Let that sink in. Back in the day, if Evangelicals would have had an official Anti-Christ Warning Signal, they would be pushing that button hard right now.
  • That tweet is just so stunning I almost missed the incredible irony of, "They [the Jews] love him like he is the second coming . . . ." Maybe I missed that part of Jewish beliefs in Two Corinthians. 
  • With this mornings tweet storm, he managed to surpass this incredible parody of a president tweet last night:
  • Greenland should announced that it is selling itself to Mexico and America is going to pay for it.
  • Just an average day last Sunday at a Universal amusement park in Florida. (That's the ol' combo Hitler salute with one hand and a white power symbol with the other.)
  • Something you never hear about any longer: Variable rate mortgages.
  • There is something oddly impressive about your seventh marriage lasting 22 years. 
  • A Houston lawyer, Jeffrey Stern, and four others were charged with ambulance chasing but, wait, there's more. Not only did he allegedly illegally hire people to solicit personal injury cases he was even more greedy. According to the report, he tried to write off the kickbacks to the runners as legitimate expenses on his taxes. 
  • How about this tidbit about Stern: "Stern achieved infamy when his wife was shot in May 2010. Stern’s mistress was soon charged with conspiring to hire a hitman to kill his wife. The mistress reached a plea deal and was sentenced to 20 years. However, charges against Stern were dropped in 2012 and Stern and his wife reconciled."
  • I'm not particularly interested in Joshua but its new mayor took office in June after beating a three time incumbent. Now he's quit because he butted heads with the council over policy. No scandal. No personal attacks. No embarrassing scenes. Just policy. And he quit. After two months. 
  • I keep seeing reports of Bridgeport police Officer Gianni Capozziello being involved in an attack of a black man. But it's in that other Bridgeport.
  • Rick Perry, who someone is the head of the Department of Energy, is dumb enough to believe that posting something on Instagram provides you legal protection against them. (Posting the warning/disclaimer is based upon an Urban Legend that comes around every few months.) 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold