Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That was a very unclear photo from back in the day, but it reminded me that the intersection used to be a death trap with a ton of accidents happening there. Then TxDOT put in a stop light at that location. But that stop light has also been the source of irritation for years because it tends to give preference to cars coming from Business 380. You can't drive down that highway without the light turning red. It has to drive 18 wheeler drivers crazy. 

  • My Bridgeport education ciphering skills are kicking in: His salary is $191,656 which runs through June 2023 = $383,312 in property tax payments.

  • Trump tried to rob the Pentagon for his Wall charade and now Abbott, who is suddenly trying to transform his image into that of a Baby Trump, now robs from TDC.  What gives? Does no one care that the executive branch just ignores the line item budget allocations approved by the legislative branch? Side note: Abbott and Trump are going out on date today at the border. 

  • There was a road rage incident last week on I-35 near North Tarrant Parkway which left a motorcyclist dead from a gunshot. Fort Worth PD finally released a statement explaining what happened which revealed Fort Worth PD needs both a writer (it's horrible) and an editor. 

  • County Judge J.D. Clark has collected this fantastic postcard sent in 1909 with a photo of the Wise County Courthouse. 
    That is a photograph, right?

    “Dear Little Boy: How are you? I wish I could see you.  Will write you a letter some of these days. We are well. I am mad because you are not coming to see us. Aunt Eve" Note sure about the "Eve" part. It was sent to Master Edmund K. Smith in Wewoka, OK.

  • State executions in Texas have decreased dramatically, but one will occur tonight arising out of an incident in Tarrant County. A detailed recitation of the facts of the case is here.

  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson is a charlatan, and I don't believe his claim that the NSA is "spying" on him. I equally don't believe this highlighted portion of the NSA statement in response. At least I don't believe they honor that legal restriction. 

  • Your annual reminder that fireworks technology has not improved in 50 years. 
  • Mark Cuban's hiring of Cynt Marshal in 2018 was a ridiculous and obvious con job to try put out a PR disaster. (I'll never forget how she said at her initial press conference that she didn't know who Cuban was before he called her.) This, also, is a con job:

  • Sports tidbit: I couldn't believe this fact about Mississippi State who is trying to win the College World Series today.  I also couldn't believe K-State is on that short list.

  • Sports tidbit #2: The fact that we are watching a modern day Babe Ruth isn't getting enough coverage. This is amazing. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold