Random Monday Morning Thoughts

About 10 years ago, it was still pretty rare for Wise County law enforcement to get a warrant for blood in every DWI case. Now it happens all the time, even in misdemeanor DWI cases, if a person doesn't "voluntarily" consent to the taking.    

  •  Overnight: And the fighting never ends. 

  • Boyd High School has solved its football head coaching problem by just hiring Decatur's defensive coordinator.  Is this the beginning of the fallout due to the forced resignation of Mike Fuller, Decatur's head coach, a few days ago? (Fuller broke his Twitter silence by showing support for the new Boyd coach.) 
  • A faithful reader sent me this "Archie Bunker moment" of a recent Rhome City Council meeting. It is at 1:48:20 and should be cued up here

  • Runaway Bay had its fireworks display last weekend, but during the day they brought in a helicopter which buzzed boaters with some low flying over Lake Bridgeport. (Facebook video.) 

  • Derek Chauvin received 22 1/2 years in prison on Friday, but it was a weird moment when he briefly spoke and said to George Floyd's family that "there will be additional information that will be of interest to you." No one seems to know what that means. 

  • This stunt, during Stage 1 of the Tour De France, did not turn out well. You can see the 100 person pile-up that it caused in this Youtube video.

  • The little Trump Insurrectionist Real Estate Agent out of Carrollton has a new boyfriend

    • Speaking of, using the first plea bargain as a guide, she's probably just looking at three years probation. 
  • I've mentioned the Indian Restaurant, Punjabi Dhabba, in between Alvord and Decatur, and I'm getting reports it is packed oftentimes by people from the metroplex because it is so "authentic."  
  • We are literally wearing out highways to spend our money in other states. 

  • Fake Redneck Anti-Vaxxer takes shot at Fake Redneck.

  • Something seems wrong with Washington and Oregon. 

  • A hammer thrower got everyone worked up over the weekend. 

  • We don't know any more than we did last week . . .