Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

And Dallas ISD hired him back in 2015. He currently has a contract through 2024 at $351,750  a year (in addition to the retirement which is actually paying him $200,000 a year.)

  • Greg Abbott knows he's in political trouble so he's overcompensating now by issuing an "order" telling all levels of government in Texas that they can't require a mask. That would include everything from a high school class, to an Aggie football game, to a district courtroom. 
  • Abbott's order is really a strange legal twist. In essence, he is claiming he has emergency powers ("Executive Order 36") because of a pandemic to mandate that all Texas governmental entities can no longer do anything to fight the pandemic. 
  • Decatur drug bust update: Brooke Melton finally bonded out of jail yesterday according to Sheriff Office records.

  • I've always liked Dale Hansen, but all of the evening sports anchors have lost their significance over the years. We all used to watch them because it was the only place where, for example, you could see an Aggie or TCU highlight. There was literally no where else to go. 

  • Deputies won't face charges in the death of Andrew Brown Jr. in North Carolina after they attempted to arrest him on (surprise!) a drug warrant. "The deputies fired 14 shots that day, nine from a pair of Glock 17 pistols and five from an AR-15 rifle . . . .  Deputies were seeking to arrest Brown for allegedly selling cocaine and fentanyl-laced heroin to an undercover detective." I have serious doubts about whether they needed to unload on him as he was driving away, but what got my attention was how militarized the cops were as they approached his house to make an arrest for a penny-ante drug deal. If you go looking for a war, you'll find one. 

  • We have another arrest in the metroplex of a Trump Insurrectionist. This time it is a 41 year old guy out of Trophy Club. 

  • The controversial lawyer for the "QAnon Shaman" gave quite the interview. His defense is that all the insurrectionists are "short bus" people. Oh, my. 

  • Wild legal stuff: "A man died by suicide inside a federal courtroom in North Dakota after he was found guilty, officials say. [T]he man was on trial at the Fargo courthouse and the jury had returned a guilty verdict when he 'produced an edge weapon and cut his throat' in front of the judge, courtroom staff and others. The jury had already left the room."

  • I was going to do a post about how the incredibly progressive DA in Philadelphia,  Larry Krasner, won re-election in a landslide last night, but I got sidetracked when I stumbled across the story of how a girl was once found dead in his opponent's bathtub. That's a double "Oh, my."

    • It's such a skeleton in his closet, that the opponent, Charles Peruto, had to try to address the issue on his campaign website. (Uh, a 0.45 alcohol concentration is off-the-charts high, but it doesn't mean what he says it means.)

    • By the way, PBS had a great multi-part documentary on "liberal DA Krasner". Part 1 is on YouTube, and it is great. 
  • Luka Doncic gave a rare interview on The Ticket yesterday. He was blasted afterwards for being disinterested and aloof. It truly was a PR disaster. 

  • Legal stuff I missed: The following drugs were found in the vehicle of an Austin attorney during a Live PD episode. The charges were dismissed

  • I would never invest in any crypto currency. Bitcoin over the last week: 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold