Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The video is still up on youtube. By today's standards, I no longer think it is "over produced."  

  • That case of the murdered four year old in the Mountain Creek area of Dallas is still weird. I was skeptical about whether there actually was home surveillance video from inside the house showing the child abducted, but police have confirmed it in a search warrant affidavit according to the Morning News. But there's a lot of sorriness in this case:
    • The kid wasn't even staying with his parents. He was with the "girlfriend" of the child's father -- a father who hadn't been seen since March.
    • The child's biological mother didn't know where he was and had been "looking for him." 

  • This story out of Arlington was confusing as well. "[T]he man was parking in front of a home in the 1400 Comanche Court when he had a 'medical episode' and drove through a fence, then into the pool." Here's the street and satellite views. How exactly does this happen on the short street?
    Just two pools on that dead end
    Looking into the cul-de-sac

  • Remember Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Georgia) who said that those involved in the January 6th Insurrection looked like they were engaged in a "normal tourist visit"? Well, some have reminded him of these photos where his image was captured. 

  • Lumber prices are finally tumbling but still very high. 

  • 60 Minutes had a segment on UFOs last Sunday which has everyone talking. Here's a local radio hosts take on the subject. Point #4 is, uh, interesting. Aliens are "scripturally proscribed."

  • President Biden released his tax return. It's the 23rd year he has done so. 

  • The Onion pulled no punches after Israel bombed the AP offices in the Gaza Strip because it said Hamas had an office there. 

  • Supreme Court observations from yesterday:
    • The big news was that the Court decided to hear an abortion case when there was no apparent reason to. The lower courts had struck down a Mississippi abortion law that clearly violated Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood so why do they want to hear it?  This guy might be right: 

    • Last term the Supreme Court said in Ramos that it's unconstitutional for a person to be convicted by a jury unless the verdict is unanimous. Makes sense. But what about all those people serving prison sentences right now because that's exactly what happened to them? All their appeals had been exhausted, but can they get a new trial too? Nope. The Supreme Court said the rule is not retroactive. Too bad. So sad. 

    • But, wait! The Supreme Court had said in the past that said "watershed" constitutional cases involving criminal procedure should be applied retroactively.  That's the Teague Rule! What about that? Justice Gorsuch explained: Criminal defendants should know they shouldn't trust us when we say stuff like that:

    • And in a case that got almost no notice because it was just a decision denying the review of a Texas case, look at what the prosecutor got away with:

  • Baylor is using the actual NCAA Basketball Championship Trophy in promotional materials. I had never really looked at it before. That design is extremely spare. 

  • Our County Judge has found another postcard of the courthouse. That's looking east. Notice the old movie theater on the right in the background. And that building to the left  in the foreground now has a second floor on it. I'm guessing this is around 1965.

  • Callisburg, Texas high school Klan video? (Dallas Observer story.)
  • As seen below, the New York Post just crucifies Gov. Cuomo every single day.  But Cuomo subscribes to the new modern day theory about every political firestorm: No matter how bad it is, just ride it out and you'll survive.