Random Monday Morning Thoughts

And I still don't think there was.  Background of the accident is here. The families filed a lawsuit in Denton County, but I don't think they recovered anything. (See cause no. 2013-10779-16 with a search here, and see this appellate court setback.)   Highway 380 in Denton County would be expanded to four lanes.

  •  Update on the big "drug bust" in Decatur about three weeks ago.
    • Brooke Melton is still in jail. That's 20 days. 

    • Her husband has bonded out after an attorney posted his bond. (I don't know who that is yet.) 

    • I missed quite the typo last week. 

  • Those Bridgeport numbers for sales tax simply seem wrong. I can't even begin to think of where the money was spent within the city to cause a 130% increase.  

  • This former Dallas prosecutor is only the fourth lawyer to ever lose his law license for withholding evidence that led to guilty verdicts and wrongful incarcerations.  Those guilty of it get away with it all the time. Side note: After working in Dallas, the prosecutor worked in the Denton County D.A.'s office but was fired from it. I don't know why.  He now drives tour buses in Alaska, and still thinks he did nothing wrong. 

  •  "The mother told WFAA her son was sound asleep when the suspect broke in through the back door and kidnapped her son. The mother says surveillance video shows what happened."  That sentence alone causes me to have  lots of questions about the horrible murder of a 4 year old found stabbed to death on a residential street in the 7500 block of Saddleridge in Dallas. An 18 year old was arrested for kidnapping and the only thing we know is that he sometimes "was seen walking in the neighborhood."  It's also curious that the  WFAA story says that the man arrested had a "ankle monitor" on. But the Morning News only references that he had a pending misdemeanor charge for Evading Arrest (and I can't imagine an ankle monitor being ordered for that.)

  • WFAA's color grid for predicted rainfall is screwed up.  If the numbers weren't on this graphic, where do you think that the heaviest rain would fall?  It needs to go from yellow (lightest) to orange to red to purple (heaviest).

  • Of all the videos of the crazy rain in Dallas yesterday afternoon, this one stuck with me. The guy gets out of his car and water can be seen rushing out of the passenger compartment. He then immediately shuts the door to keep the water from escaping.

  • The Colonial golf tournament is next week and you can get an all-inclusive package (food and alcohol) for $475 a day. I think this is new. I don't think this is a bargain. 

  • The suburban Houston tiger was found, and when I saw this story I was sure he was being moved to the Rhome or Bridgeport tiger sanctuaries. Nope, we don't get him. 
  • Scott Baio supporting Ricky Schroder for acting like a jerk to an innocent Costco worker is a pretty good measure of both of them. 

  • Could Israel at least be a little more surgical in their counter-strikes against Hamas so as to not kill 50 children while they do so? 
  • Sam Houston won the Division I Championship yesterday (but we won't mention that South Dakota State's quarterback left with an injury in the first quarter.)

  • Crime wave!

  • Want something to think about all day?: You have three closed doors to choose from. Behind one of them is a new car. Behind the other two is a goat. You choose door #1. The host, who knows where the car is, first opens up door #3 which reveals that a goat. You now have the option to stick with door #1 or switch and choose door #2?  Question: Do you switch because it increases your odds? Amazingly, the answer is yes. Welcome to the "Monty Hall Problem."