Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The man would eventually receive a conviction with a probated sentence of four years which he successfully completed. (There was one motion filed by the State to revoke the probation, but it was eventually dismissed. I don't know why.)  One odd note: Unless he was in a women's bathroom -- and I don't think he was -- he shouldn't have been convicted at all. The poorly worded "improper photography" statute was declared unconstitutional in 2014. The legislature has since fixed it.   

  • Texas representative David Spiller from Jacksboro sent a message to the Liberally Lean audience late last night after I mentioned yesterday what a beating that job has to be.  Good dude. 

  • Texas legislature update as we now know which bills will certainly become law:
    • Constitutional carry is headed to the governor's desk. An odd part of the bill allows for anyone previously convicted of unlawfully carrying a weapon to have the conviction expunged  - a number estimated at 130,000. However, if you received deferred adjudication for the the offense in the past, you are out of luck and it will remain on your record. 
    • Elected city council members can never decrease the budget of the city's police department even if the face of a budget crisis or a population decrease.
    • Any professional sports team which receives government funds must now play the National Anthem before a game. (Can they play it twice as fast? Does three hours before the game count? What about the Rosanne Barr edition being shown on the video screen?) 
    • Homosexual conduct is still a crime in Texas and has never been repealed.
  • I don't know if the Olympics are (is?) going to happen this year. 

  • Marjorie Taylor Green isn't only a QAnon nutcase, but she struggles with the concept or relative comparisons.

  • A 1980s Pop Music Star = Terrorist?
    • Richard Marx trolled Rand Paul reminding everyone that Paul's neighbor once attacked him.

    • Rand Paul blames Richard Marx for an unrelated subsequent development.

    • Republicans are instructed to run to their music "library" and to throw out all of the many, many Richard Marx songs that they own. 

  • That's quite the love triangle they have going on.

  • The NRA is right if the Dirty Libs are triggered by misspellings.

  • John Oliver did a whole show on my long championed campaign against "ads disguised as news stories."

    • I'm a trendsetter. Here's my post from six years ago when I went on a rant about the exact same thing John Oliver just called out. WFAA had done a segment on a "lip filler" drug which caused my radar to go off. I wrote, "I did a quick Google News search for the product and found on the first page alone that there are four other TV stations which have also presented stories about the [exact same dubious] product. That's a coincidence?" I also thought it was interesting that WFAA's medical reporter who appeared in the story, Janet St. James, quit the following week. 

  • Couldn't agree more with this from a local Ticket host: 

  • Here's a 45 second clip of  Brooks Koepka at the PGA Championship showing how much he hates Bryson DeChambeau.  As he was walking loudly behind him, DeChambeau said, "Maybe you should hit it on the right line” after Koepka said he found the greens "difficult to read."

  • Baseball meltdown: On Saturday, TCU went into the bottom of the ninth with a four run lead over Kansas State in the last game of the regular season. Three outs would mean they were the outright Big 12 Champion. Instead, they gave up seven runs including a walk off three run homer (video). The loss caused them to be co-champs with the Evil Empire. 

  • I have no idea if it is true, but I heard Whataburger was exploring a location in Bridgeport by Brookshires.