Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: 9,230. That's a record high for this third wave. 

  • The pictures and news of the COVID vaccine rolling out in trucks at Pfizer plants over the weekend is going to inadvertently cause one final short term spike in the cases. Everyone will now relax despite being told not to. But the vaccine is no immediate panacea because this will be a slow rollout plus the large percentage of people who won't take it regardless.

  • As I predicted, the Supreme Court ruling came down on Friday. 
    • It was unanimous. Alito and Thomas would have gone ahead and let Texas at least file its petition but then would have denied what they were requesting. 

    • Rudy was on Fox News immediately thereafter and said a very Rudy thing. 

    • The Republican Party of Texas immediately called for Trump states to form a new country.  Really.  I do not know if they nominated Jefferson Davis V to be President. (The party better get control of Allen West in a hurry.) 

    • Diamond and Silk went one step further and called for a military coup. 

    • That got us to Saturday and a handful of people showing up in D.C. in protest. The crazy My Pillow guy made an appearance and accused Fox News of being part of the Deep State. (The problem is that Fox News was such a drug dealer of lies over the years that its viewers became so addicted they had to go off and look for a stronger fix.)

    • The Proud Boys also showed up in D.C. over the weekend showing their support for Law and Order by going onto the private property of a church and destroying property.  "Stand back and stand by".

  • It's amazing how Shelley Luther is single handedly being funded by West Texas oil money/Empower Texans. 

  • The Update said on Friday and this morning that "Wise County commissioners will discuss County Court-at-Law No. 1 in their regular meeting Monday. " They need to work on it as a result of Judge Cude's death, but I don't see the item on the agenda
  • Charlie Pride passed away over the weekend. Flashback: Two people were killed in a plane collision over Wise County on August 6, 1980, and Charlie Pride was in one of the planes. 

  • The Treasury Department and the Commerce Department were hacked over the weekend, and this morning Google services (Gmail, Google Docs, GDrive, etc.) were down across the globe for one hour.  The country is a sitting duck to be crippled by an all out Internet cyber-attack, right? 

  • There was a pretty bad injury in the TCU game, but this photograph of a TV which was broadcasting the moment he was being taken off the field really confused me. It's like the guy was coming out of the screen like in The Ring. (I was also confused by the player looking like a coach in a jacket.)

  • Lindale will face Argyle in the 4A Championship game this weekend, but it you want some subtle comedy, watch this (quick loading) video of the kick that sent them there. The kicker gets absolutely crushed after he makes it (inconsequential penalty), but the whole team for some reason follows the holder who charges down the field in celebration. Poor kicker. 

  • You want to talk about a close presidential election? I'll show you a close presidential election:

  • On Friday, another inmate died in the Tarrant County jail. I'm losing count.