Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Oh, my! Three dead in house fire in Decatur overnight. Photos on Messenger's Facebook here.
  • Texas Hospitalizations: +56.

  • Former Cowboys' coach Jason Garrett has the COVID.
  • As of Monday, Texas Senate candidate Shelley Luther has received $700,000 in contributions and $1 million in a loan (which she'll never have to pay back) all from one man, Tim Dunn, who is the money man behind the Empower Texans PAC. Everyone comfortable with that?
  • Fort Worth's gun and ammunition dealer Cheaper that Dirt has been accused of "price gouging." (I've always thought there was a very gray area between price/demand vs. price gouging.)  But since the lawsuit is brought by Ken Paxton, the chances of it not being successful are great. 

  • Speaking of losing by the AG's office, here's another sure fire way to go down in flames: Hire Ken Starr. The article says the Paxton's office will "hire" him and his firm. What's that costing us? And why hire anyone? The Texas Attorney General's office has an office building full of lawyers all working on salaries paid for by you. 

  • These snow totals are real this morning. It makes me want to search for the pictures people are posting from the Northeast.

  • If you want to see the text of a truly horrible proposed law in New York, take a look below. First, the government simply can't prohibit "symbols of hate" because the First Amendment doesn't allow them to. Secondly, even if there some symbols it could ban (it can't), they failed to define "symbols of hate" so basically it's meaning is unlimited. Finally, even if you could ban symbols of hate, the statute literally allows you to do it anyway so long as you put it in a book or put it in a "digital medium" (regardless of whether it "serves an educational or historical purpose.")

  • Random photo of LBJ getting angry and restrained by Kennedy while in Amarillo. 

  • For the very few of you who are cord cutters and who get their local HD stations via antenna, WFAA is now finally available. (Shoutout to a faithful reader in Denton for tipping me off.)
  • Pete Delkus working blue.
  • Local radio talk show host Mark Davis (660-AM) has gone full QAnon. Compared to the way he was in the 1990s on WBAP, he's now a full fledged nutcase. So sad. 
  • If you have some time, check out the new article profiling the career of the the great Barry Corbin in Texas Monthly
    Uncle Bob and Bud spot Sissy.

  • High school football fun fact: Argyle has never trailed at any point in any game this season.