Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas Hospitalizations: Another new record for this Fall Wave. Decatur's hospital also set a record high yesterday with 33 COVID patients. 

  • Whatever happened to Trump's wonder drug, Hydroxychloroquine?
  • In what will be the closest to a concession by Trump that we will ever see, a spare federal government official yesterday finally recognized that Joe Biden is President-Elect. Biden's team now finally gets the money from the Trump Administration to aid in a peaceful transition of power.

  • After she made the announcement, Trump tried one last con to try to make us believe it was all his idea. 

  • But Trump went off the deep end again this morning. He's quote-tweeting crazy Randy Quaid!

  • Randy Quaid 10 days ago:

  • I've dogged Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson a number of times, but she needs huge credit for a program she just announced. If you have a misdemeanor weed case, stay clean for three months and she'll dismiss it outright. No probation. No pre-trial diversion. No fees. It's just gone. Look, that lady is as conservative and as "law and order" as they come. If she's doing this, it's time for Texas to legalize weed. 

  • An actual quote from Cowboys' coach Mike McCarthy at yesterday's press conference: “We were just using the approach to honor the great comedian Gallagher. It’s an idea that came up, and we went for it.”  Imagine Tom Landry saying that. And is there a single player who knows who Gallagher is? Andy Dalton, maybe? 

  • I may repost it for "It's Friday - Let's Get Out of Here", but if you haven't seen the crazy Puppy Rescue From An Alligator video by now, it is too great to hold back.

  • Texas oil field news this morning: $43.55.

  • I finally watched Dallas Buyers Club after all these years. I had always presumed that the under-the-radar scheme to distribute HIV/AIDS fighting drugs was run by some high tone guy out of a Highland Park condo. I have no idea why I labored under that presumption, but I did. But my verdict: Two big thumbs up. (And Jared Leto as Rayon! Oh, my!)

  • Is it a bad sign when the Dallas Court of Appeals thinks you did such a poor job as a lawyer they refer you for potential disciplinary action?  Opinion

  • Don't look now, but I know for a fact that the great Skip Hollandsworth from Texas Monthly has now expressed an extreme interest in the Lauren Whitener unsolved murder case and the Wise County fiasco that has gone along with it. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold (released a day early this week.)